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Let crit affect heal as well

Now that heals are tied directly to the attack damage of the creature doing the heal, would it be a good idea to let the heal amount also be affected by the crit chance? So you could crit on heal and get 25% more hp.


Sounds good to me.

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Not a bad idea… for raids. Could ruin the arena, though. Not sure because I don’t battle often, though.

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No! Like I said in a previous post about the same thing, Battles with spam heals already last much longer than they need too. Adding a even greater heal from a “crit” would just make it longer.

I don’t want to be literally “Healed to death” by a Dilora with 6k health and 2k attack again. :roll_eyes:

If it was just for Raids, I wouldn’t be as opposed, but it then it would take some of the challenge out of it


Most healers only have a 5% crit chance. On one hand, this makes this happening more rare. On the other hand, it also makes the benefits more rare. I think it’s fine how it is now.


You’ve never seen my awful Rng. :rofl:

Those enemy 5% crits are like 20% for me


lol I’m sorry!

Tenontorex has the 20% crit chance, and it does NOT need to heal more. It feels even stronger after Maxima and Tryko got the nerf hammer.


My Thor has a 15% crit chance. It crit 15 times out of 100 attacks. :rofl:


Lmao did you actually test that?


Yes, more than once.
My Thor has let me down more than any other creature on my team. :rofl:


I saw a Tenontorex with like 3100 ATK the other day. . .

God that would ruin the arena so badly, I mean imagine a tenontorex with 3k damage using heal and getting a crit, 4.5k dmg healed!
But for raids? Great idea!

Tryostronix, Ready to Crush, crit on the Refresh. That actually sounds rather cool and could make refresh even more worth setting up. I like the idea of healing relying on crit as well, but we all know a ton of people will complain about “tOo MuCh RnG.” However, we also have high-damage high-health healers like Tenontorex…

I’ll have to actually count it out and do the math but I swear it feels like Diorajasaurus has a 50-75% critical strike chance