Let dodge be 100%. It's time

We’ve come a long way since dodge ruled the game and allowed 1 hp indoraptors to 3-0 your team. We hardly had any tools to deal with it then, and it mitigated 100% of damage.

Nowadays, a lot of creatures can deal with dodge. Nullifying, precise, resilient to name a few. Heck, some creatures’ counter attacks remove dodge.

The penalty for getting hit through dodge is oftentimes a complete game changer. Many creatures sacrifice a turn to get dodge up…only to be crit 1-shot through it.

I understand, ludia, why you have rng in the game. It does make things a bit more interesting. However, personally, I feel the meta is healthy enough that strategy should be rewarded.

With the addition of indotarus and phorurex especially, resilients feel like they still reign supreme- with chompers a close second.

Please, let dodge work 100% of the time - still taking dmg, and still very easy to remove or hit through.

Thanks for your consideration.


Are you thinking like it used to be where it was all or nothing? Because before it was 66% chance to dodge 100% of damage or something like that wasn’t it? I honestly wouldn’t mind that again. I still remember raging at those Indo and Monomimus battles :rofl:


Haha I was reminiscing about that, but not recommending it.

Those were interesting times lol

I’m saying let dodge be 100% chance to avoid 66% dmg


I’m not sure exactly how I feel about it - but, I will say that it is interesting they decided to bump up instant and swap in distraction to 100% but not touch dodge. Effectively, they both do the same thing (minus resistances and all that) and there certainly are a plethora of ways to deal with it nowadays.

It certainly would make the cunning class a bit more viable.

EDIT: After reading your last comment - I was also assuming you meant let dodge be 75% change to avoid 100% damage.


Do you want it to have X% chance to dodge 100% of damage, or 100% chance to dodge X% of damage? X% chance to dodge 100% of damage is how it worked before, and it was fairly irritating - all or nothing. But I would be ok if they upped the consistency by making more moves have 100% chance to dodge X% of damage. They could even make failed dodges still dodge some damage: like Evasive Stance could grant a 75% chance to dodge 67% of damage, but the other 25% chance still dodges 33% of damage or something. Not as much, but it still always mitigates some damage.


I think now with so many creatures that can nullify the dodge then I think I would be ok with X% chance to dodge 100% damage. Dodge is dodge it always should have been it’s not oh you dodged most of a hit but you got hit. Dodge is kind of an absolute.


I’d be happy with either solution.

But then if you don’t have any dinos that remove or bypass dodge, there’s nothing you can do. They could be at literally 1 HP and you use Mortems fierce rampage and they’ll survive. I think dodge needs to be more reliable overall, but making it dodge 100% of damage doesn’t achieve that.


I think that’s how it should be though tbh. Cunning should counter fierce. So if you bring out Morty against a cunning with 1 HP and a dodge move, I think the cunning should be able to win. If it’s a x% chance to survive 100% damage then it’s still a risk.


That’s just ludia causing you to lose a match. You only win or lose a match if the ludia computer wants you to. But honestly there are so many creatures that can either hit though or remove dodge it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

That would be like if every shield blocked 100% of non shield breaking damage though. It’s obviously OK on some moves - that’s why invinciblity exists. But it doesn’t apply to every shield in the game, and I don’t think it should apply to every dodge either. Imagine you’re about to lose, but opponent runs out of dinos with dodge removal abilities, so you just spam Sidestep every turn to stall out the game. Obviously that’s an edge case, but there should be no chance of that happening in the game whatsoever.

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Your correct shields are different than invincibility. If you want to make it not apply to every evasive move in the game so be it but some creatures should be able to dodge 100% damage simply because you can’t give them the HP to survive the hits without it. The creatures that are dodgers generally don’t have the HP so you should be able to get lucky and not take damage on occasion.

Yeah some abilities should definitely be able to dodge 100% of damage, but certainly not all of them. The ones that do should have a chance to not dodge anything, 100% chance to dodge 100% of damage should be rare and have a significant cooldown.

I still think always dodging some damage but never 100% would be more user-friendly, because then your dodge always has some value - you wouldn’t throw out a dodge move as a last-ditch effort to survive, only to have it wiff entirely and you lose. It’s better to always have something than to have “all or nothing” imo.

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Are you saying 100% chance to dodge or dodge by 100%.

A Percent chance to dodge 100% of the damage.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. It would just be like the early days of this game.

Yes but in the early days there were nearly as many counters to evasion like now.

I completely agree. Having all dodge 100% would mean that sidestep would be basically useless

Sidestep should be 100% chance to dodge 100% damage. If ludia graced you with a team that can’t hit through dodge then I guess you are done. Evasive stance should be lets say 75% chance to dodge 100%, lets say cautious strike should be 66% chance to dodge 100%, and evasive strike could be 50% chance to dodge 100%.

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Apologies for not being more clear, but the lack of clarity seems to have caused a good discussion.

Glad so many agree dodge needs changed.

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