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Let It Be Known: If You Are Boosted and Beat Me

it doesn’t really count as a victory.

That is how I consider the result. So when you see you beat Kwaack, unless you are Unboosted, I don’t care and I am not impressed.

Let’s see you hit 5,473 Trophies while Unboosted and F2P. Not even VIP. That’s why I am the best player on JWA :joy:


Only 5473 unboosted? I capped at around 5700 unboosted. I’m not the best by far, so that says it all.


I seriously doubt the winner cares or is trying to impress you either. They won, job done, that’s it.

As for calling yourself the best player on JWA, no-one cares and no-one’s impressed. :rofl:

Seriously though, this topic is full of arrogance!


The truth is no one is better than anyone in this game we all win we all lose boosted or not… :blush:


I lost to an unboosted team today. All level 30. Yeah, very equal match…
Why the bragging?

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A few weeks ago my daughter encountered you @ Lockwood estate. Apparently dropping as you also stated you would be here. Couldn’t resist to swap in your one overpowered Dino when she almost beat you though… :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Disdain boosts and go down arenas to use OP creatures? That’s not nice


What even is winning any more?


Current Season is 5,473 and I only did it once and then moved back down. I guess I could see how high I could really get, but it’s so annoying.

BTW, my team is 29 average with just 1 Tyrant.

I have never used the Rat.

Arrogance or something else?

I only use the one OP Dino when my opponent pulls out the Rat or wastes moves like Cloak when another move could kill me. After all, when dropping the goal is to lose.

No one can wrap their minds around this.
With equal teams it’s always a roll of the dice. LOL

Still, best players of JWA are the ones that constantly win or compete to win the Skill tournaments, whatever the rarity.

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Oh my someone has a god complex. It is just a game lighten up. I challenge you to use your lowest leveled dinos and try to keep your trophy count. If you are able to do so, then you have bragging rights. If not, then get off your high horse.

Sorry, still a win. Doesn’t matter what you and your moral high ground think, you lost.


That makes your “win” just as bad as those you mention in your post. She’s level 16 and doesn’t have any OP creatures. If you dropped only for the sake of dropping you don’t even need an OP in your team🤷🏼‍♀️

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It sounds like you need to LEARN TO COUNTER boosts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
“Yawn Emote”

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This is how much I hate the rat…

But honestly the game is 15% skill, 35% matchup and 50 percent luck.


This is my unboosted trophy high. But currently I’m stuck back in 5100-5200 sometimes barely in the 5k. I believe it’s because Boost have been on sale for weeks now so the arena is adjusting daily.

To be fair many players “win” matches, but they don’t actually “beat” their opponent.

Like when I was outplaying someone and they resorted to a max boosted sewer rat to steal the match lol, im just thinking “Congrats ‘Stat Boost’ for that awesome win!”.


So true …