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Let It Be Known: If You Are Boosted and Beat Me

Let it be known that if I beat you with my team regardless if it is boosted or not means that my team is better than yours. It also proves that you are a sore loser. Just putting it out there because I have faced many players at your trophy level and I have sent them cascading down.

Currenly boosts are useless if they are not used to make dino a monster. Slightly boosted team can easily lose to unboosted team.

I was at 5497 with 99.5% unboosted team. Only my lvl 29 Thor has lvl 30 health (needed it to finish campaign). Swapping Indo g2 and lvl 23 Gemini occasionally.


Wow that’s surprising actually. I boost speed on all my mains at least once, so I can win the mirror match.

Is that you potus?


Hahah… it would be a much longer message with many misspelled words (and either in sharpie or on Twitter) :sweat_smile:


Tonight I beat a team of all level 30 dinos that were all unboosted. My team is unboosted as well.

My team was 26 Trykosaurus, 29 erlikospyx, 28 magna, 29 utasinoraptor.

Opponent was diorajasaur, Thor, indo g1, tryo.

It was exciting to play a maxed level unboosted team and it was thrilling to win. Based on skill and counters with the right dinos at the right time.

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Boost is a utility that the game provide all players, a choice available for everyone and thus very democratic. If you choose not to boost, well it´s your choice ! and if someone choose to utilise it so be it.
The instruments the game provides are to be used for free choice !!!

i reached almost 5200 unboosted last season. now im about 5k.

no vip since about 4 months ago. and never more, TOO expensive for some extra supply and drone batt.

i play more casual now. but i believe if some dart a lot more can go higher unboosted, but not much.

many people condensed in league arenas nowadays.