Let it go! Wait, wrong country (Creature file #32)

A new pterosaur is soaring into my creature file. Today, I want you to welcome Cryodrakon, a pterosaur that was discovered in Canada. Also, finding more creatures that I could use, keep an eye out for a kangaroo, a deinocheirid, a long necked camel, Africa Urus, and a giant millipede.

Rarity: Rare

Health: 4350

Damage: 1110

Speed: 115

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Superiority Strike


Long Invincibility

Passive: Swap in Invincibility

Possible hybrid: Cryotops, Fuse with Cryodrakon and Dracoceratops

Rarity: Unique

Health: 4690

Damage: 1300

Speed: 110

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Superior Strike


Acute Stun

Regenerate and Run

Passive: Swap in Savagery

  • The name, Cryodrakon, mean “Cold Dragon”.

  • This pterosaur was discovered in Canada in 1992 at the Dinosaur Provincial Park.

  • Cryodrakon belongs to a type of family called azhdarchid, same as Quetzalcoatlus, and Hatzegopteryx.


Is anyone not gonna complained about Dracoceratops?

My favorite picture from this paleoartist: :canada:
Lucky he wasn’t from the States, eh? :us:

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That’s a country, and Canada has provinces and territories