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Let me see if I've got this straight

Ludia does a rollback on all boosts and compensates players for boosts they had with hard cash.

They then continue to sell boosts in the market for a period of time, which most of these players spend all their new hard cash on.

At some point, they removed the boosts from the market, so now I’m playing against ridiculously overboosted dinosaurs and I can’t even buy these boosts now to catch up.

Do I have this right? Good God Ludia what will you come up with next to further destroy the garbage-fire that is your PvP?


Let’s get some Dracoceratops and Thor Buffs! Heck yeah!


there was also a brief period after boosts were reinstated, where a glitch allowed them to be purchased without limit.


That’s it, here comes my Boosted Thorn