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Let’s all be thankful

There’s not a dracoceratops & pharusaura hybrid.


dont give them ideas, I mean, you could I would love to see all the nerf threads about it.


Going to start writing my rage rant threads in advance right now haha.

New Hybrid Idea


Draco + Yoshi

Health: Max boosted
Damage: (EnemyHealth + 1)
Speed: 133
Distracting Strike
Nullifying Impact
Distracting Rampage
Evasive Regeneration (New): 100% chance to dodge 66% of damage, lasts 3 turns.
Also regenerate 50% health.
No Cooldown

Swap-In Defense Shattering Rampage
Immunity to Nerfs (New)


You’ve at least got to go with Wrathomimus, it’s the best of both worlds because it’s bound to cause wrath and it still has Rat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Let’s be thankful there isn’t a precedent for fusing 2 hybrids together yet. And hope it stays that way.


although you could make some super cool super hybrids that way. imagine something like… idk… stegoceratops + ankyntrosaurus maybe? or maybe phorusaura + monomimus?

omg imagine phrousaura + a stegosaurid. A terror bird with the defensive spikes of a stegosaurid sounds utterly terrifying.

that could still become a thing, just mix phorusaura with either miragaia, stegosaurus, tuojiangosaurus, wuerhosaurus or kentrosaurus

i think phorusaura with a rending counter attack would be insane. (maybe a wounding counter?)

Careful you might give Ludia an idea. Just saying


as long as they don’t do anything super stupid like phorusaura + dracoceRATops, i am actually all for mixing 2 hybrids to 1 super hybrid

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That’s the stuff of nightmares.


I am thankful there are no Rat Turtle hybrids 50% armor and swap in devastation

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Would like a turtle plus majugasuchus, a very tanky counter with dig in

Yes. That would also be a nightmare

Yeah that’s too much lol