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Let’s do some... not so popular opinions

Alright. So a lot of people have similar thoughts on here, now let’s share some opinions that ARENT so popular… I’ll start

Utahsinoraptor is NOT broken and does NOT need a nerf!


Dracoceratops was framed.


Ludia cares about the player base!


The store incubators are worth it!


Players need to stop begging for nerfs for (procerathomimus) dinos they don’t know how to/don’t have a creature to counter. Ludia will nerf them when they’ve decided they can’t make any more money off them. In the meantime, they can learn how to counter and work on building what they have to combat the (procerathomimus) dinos they hate. Who knows, maybe they’ll even get the hated (procerathomimus) dino and find out they love it!


Lol what


Thor doesn’t need to lose Instant Charge ot to have any stats changed, the Rat is now balanced and Maxima should’ve kept DR


Ludia’s QA is best in class.


All JWA forum users are the happiest and most satisfied customers of Ludia❤️


I have enough DNA to create Procerathomimus at 29, hopefully in the fusions, 30. In addition, I have enough Boost to raise it at speed 150 or higher and climb 4 or 5 levels damage and health. No coins, you should wait a couple of weeks to create it. I already know that that would be a beast and that it would raise many positions in the game, but I simply do not want to enter that game. What Ludia is doing with this bug is simply disgusting. He was too strong in 1.9, in 1.10 they do better and in 1.11 they take away their rivals (indo2 and Ardentis). In addition every week appears in the green towers. I don’t know how many versions we will have to wait for Ludia to reduce its potential by 2, 3 or 4 levels (it should not go from Alpha, maybe Apex low, being an epic not super-inhibited and it is Tyrant). In the case of the rat we had to endure it almost a year. We will see how much we must endure this other bug. Of course, it is very lawful to use it, it is part of the game and many friends use it, but then nobody asks for boosts and coins to be returned later if the potential of Yoshi in future versions is similar to a Dimodactylus or an Edmontoiguanodon that should Be his level.

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Dinosaurs never existed.


Boosts 1.0 was better than boosts 2.0


thordor should become completely useless for atleast 1 full patch/update! i seriously want a fairly long break from all these super mega hyper boosted, and fairly often super fast thordors running around in pretty much every single fight!


Events being what they have recently, Procerathomimus isn’t that hard to make and I think that’s fine. I don’t think all the best dinos should have to be uniques that take 5 million DNA of a dino that only appears once every three months when the planets align. There should be more dinos like Procera, not in build/kit or appearance, but in that they’re viable in many tiers of gameplay. That said, everything needs counters and Procera doesn’t have enough. The Rat didn’t either. And I don’t think messing with stats fixes anything. It’s a cheap band-aid that doesn’t always work and turns around and bites us all the time. Looking at Maxima, who probably was going to be anyway from the day it entered the game.

New creatures with more movesets and more flexibility between tiers is what I want. I don’t care if that means any level 12 scrub can get a “budget” Quetzorion, if someone can create a cheaper dino and is a good enough player to get it to function like a unique, they deserve it. Plus, it would have the added benefit of making gameplay less boring, i.e., seeing the same eight uniques all day when you battle.


Ludias bug fixing team exists.


I strongly agree with the substance of your message. What is needed is more game diversity. We only differ in that I think it is good that there are different levels of play and it is not logical to have uniques that are garbage (the unique ones of Darwin, the new unique, …) compared to legendary and epic.
It is good that superhybrid epic and legendary superhybrid have their role as they had at the time tragodistis, Stegodeus or Spiniotasuchus or currently have Monostegotops or the new rat (also Indo gen 2 although I think that level is excessive) but they should never be the best dinosaurs of the game like Procerathomimus or the old rat.

Ludia does a good job and got way better in communication and game desinge (beside the boost system, but they need money so i dont judge).


Matchmaking works great!

It’s possible to win each and every match.


Do everything you possibly can to win.


The fan base demands for compensation on a lot of unjustified occasions.

I remember one of the releases, not sure which one it was, and the Android release was taking too long. Which is something that at some point is not at the hands of Ludia but rather Google. Lots of phone calls to Google Play support and what not. Blaming Ludia once again when they receive an answer like “You should ask your app’s developer about that”, since most app developers don’t announce the exact time of their new release, and the Google Play support team interprets the question as “When will my app’s developer make a new version”.

Granted, not everyone has to be familiar with the new version submission process. And also, the in-app purchases in this app are ridiculously expensive. You can get 2 AAA games for the cost of some of the incubators, that don’t even give you that much in-game progress.

All that being said, I still find the playerbase’s mistake tolerance super low.

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