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Let’s Flex our new badges here

With 2.5 not bringing any new creatures we don’t have anything to show-off… well except useless badges!

If you have any cool badges you want to show off show be my guess to show them here.

Have fun collecting badges lol

I will go first. These are the badges I’ve collected

And you can collect this badge via collecting 25k epic dna.

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So does fusing epic hybrids count for that?

well dang. that’ll be a while.
it’s a pyroraptor.

Oh smart question! I will check right now.

You absolutely can!

Here are my new badges and titles.


Nice i can fuse thyla and sarco for it lol

I’m using the title: Pardon My Prowess (lol)

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I want this one:


it looks like a mortem and lythronax to me

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I must defeat mortem rex now

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What are some of the tougher Titles and Badges to get?
I see that we can review the completed achievements way at the bottom of the list…
I’m thinking Hotshot is a good title to have, as that is completing all the Campaigns.
Anyone else have better ones?

Also… I’m puzzled why “Reach Player Level 5” is locked in my app?
I’ve been level 20 for months and months.

This one seems tricky to me

Probably collect a certain amount of unique dna.

According to Bart from GamePress:

Mortem Badge Step by Step:
1: collect 25k Epic DNA and collect badge.
2: collect 5k Legendary DNA and collect badge
3: collect 1k Unique dna and collect badge
4: collect 50 Apex dna and collect Morty badge.
They need to be done in this specific order as to not waste resources.

I believe that indo g2 badge is the one for the legendary DNA. Apparently GP will have a full guide at some point.


Literally just multifused diloracherius this morning :man_facepalming:

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