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Let’s Flex our new badges here

I got this one for having 3 uniques in my collection (or more)

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There is no badge for the 5k legendary dna. All I got was a rare incubator. Indoraptor badge is for 1k dna

And yes @Castal we will have a whole guide out very very soon. Hopefully tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:


how have people collected 25,000 epic DNA in just a few hours?

fusions count

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so if you get 50 apex before the others what happens? if you win all apex raids it’s guaranteed in one week. you have to start over getting 25K epic? is this why people are fusing epic hybrids like crazy?

I spent a couple hundred thousand coins just on fusing for epic, legendary, and unique dna lol. Haven’t mass fused in a while and forgot how expensive it was.

I found these 2 that I haven’t seen before


i don’t this is correct as i didn’t get 25k epic dna , this is how it works for me:

1 I got the rare incubator achievement completed which unlocked the legendary badge achievement
2 I fused to get enough legendary DNA to get the legendary badge
3 after getting the legendary badge, the unique badge achievement unlocked
4 i fused enough dna to get 1000 unique dna which got me the unique badge and unlocked the apex badge achievement

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collect 5000 unique dna perhaps .?.

no it’s 1000 unique DNA

Here’s my collection currently.

You can get the klenken badge by having X amount of rares, and triceratops badge by having a triceratops.

To let you have access to these achievements you are going to need to complete some other achievement.

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Think I’m doing ok with badges, and I thought I’d show the emotes too
And I think I take back deciding to spam the dilo emote, its a siren noise for some reason and I’d hate to burden people with having to listen to it

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Here are my badges so far…

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how do you get the stygimoloch one?