Let’s get some inspiration — Show your (or others) boosted dinos in 2.0


Let’s make a list over boosted dinos you seen in the new update 2.0

Today I have battled follow:


I battled this insane speed Thor

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For real!? Wow.

Nothing too crazy, just a boosted lvl 24 Miragaia but I didn’t see its stats, and another opponent’s rat:

My monster Erlidom:


It seems many are in the boosting-progress:

2k rat!?
I seriously have no words for this…

That draco already looks scary. Looks like it’s going 10/20/0 or a bit less HP and a bit of speed but the 20 attack probably stays.

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Meet these boosted dinos with my unboosted team.

So much for boosted monsters going away… smh

Old attack boosts (Utah, Sarcorixis, indoraptor, procera 6/6/6) mono 6/6/5

New stats and I already ran out of boosts :sob:

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The health of that DC is high!

Looks like at some point of boosting the Stat glows yellow .
Draco with T19 atk lol.

Why speed 117 ?!?!?

:joy::joy: Useless!?

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That’s a nice way of telling around which tier we’re facing. I guess T20 is red?

Yeah, should have put that into HP. My Erlidom laughs in 3662 rampage.

I have no clue :joy:

Not mine but I saw this posted from today

Credit to @Pepito_Aie


From another post in the forum:

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Wow wow wow!

Respect for THE Gallimimus!