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Let’s save coins for 1.7 - Who want to save ?! Join in!


It’s easy to level up the dinos! Harder to get the coins…?!

What will come in 1.7 ?
New dinos?
New upgrades?

Let’s save coins and boost each other!

Starting with 144 K


953 cash.

How about you…?

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With little exception, I have been on a level up freeze for a while now.


I have 500k and like 7k cash


I need Thor, so all coins are going to Tarbo atm. 3k Cash saved up for the next coin sale :moneybag:


What’s the rumor on 1.7?

I have 53k coins (trying to get 70 to level Thor) and 6k cash, waiting for a sale


I’m at 600k coins and 3.3k cash. Currently lack DNA for last three dinos (tenonto, grypo one lvl, darwin still at lvl 15) that need to lvl up for uniques and nothing to lvl up from team dinos.


Don’t think 1.7 is coming for a while (I sure hope it comes really soon, lol)


I have 0k coins and a boatload of regret.


I have 300k coins and 6k hard cash. But I have to spend it carefully as my dinos are at L21-25, it takes much to level any dino by one level (at least 60k coins each time), Besides these dinos, I also need to level other dinos in order to create Uniques.


I’ve saved 2.5 million coins and 8k cash since Christmas. It’s my mini game. I’m winning.


My team level isn’t really going anywhere atm so I don’t see why not start banking lol

Pretty much have to bank for a month at a time with all these 10’s fusing on uniques


Last update was right after the tournament…?

I hope this will happend again!


I know mate.

Not fun to spend to mutch money and effort for dinos who maby got nerfs.

I will hold on!


I have nearly 500k coins and like 12k cash. Too demotivated to spend any of it.

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Wow nice… I’ve around 200k gold and 8k cash. Waiting for coin sale.


That won’t happen. Most likely 1.7 will drop after Easter week.


yeah but I found stuff for easter event in the game files.


As in the event week?