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Let’s see what the community’s biggest questions to Ludia are

Well, Q&A or not, we could always decide what we want to know the most. There is a chance the questions could be answered, but no promises (the usual, then).

So, feel free to post them below, and be sure to heart the ones you support, that way we can find which ones the most people agree with. I know it will definitely be difficult, but no wisecracks please. There are issues that urgently need addressing that at least a few of us would definitely like to know about. While Ludia may be slow to take action, it would be nice to know if Ludia is aware of the issues at all.

@Ned, here’s the question thread, good with trying to get answers.


Some of the questions I personally would like to ask the most are:
1)“Are y’all satisfied with the way the speed-tie system currently works? Are y’all planning to change it anytime soon?”
2)”Do y’all know that a lot of people couldn’t access the original speed-tie poll, and therefore, along with newer players, remain unaware of the fact that it discriminates on the basis of location? Why not come clean with a note on it in-game?

By not giving players the whole truth, this pop-up is borderline misleading”.


Then there’s the question of:
1)“When an exclusive creature becomes wild-spawning over the course of an update or vice-versa, should we expect its hybrids’ power to change, since lower DNA availability was announced to be linked to higher power level?”


2)”What is a more absolute determiner of creature power, it’s Rarity (Legendary, Unique, etc) or the availability of its DNA?”


And of course,

“We know boosts were added as a fun customisation element, and your intention was explicitly stated to not be introducing them to be a chore for players to earn and use. Well, they’ve become a chore now, and are y’all fine with that?
Will we ever get an unboosted arena or unboosted advantage tournament so we can enjoy the old state of the arena again, that so many of us (influencers included) miss so much?
Will any efforts be made to make boosting less of a chore, for example resetting them each update, or allowing full refunds with no penalty?”


These are my questions:

  1. What do you have in store for the creatures that the community screams for a good profit?

  2. that you have prepared for future updates?

  3. Just out of curiosity, what is the company’s favorite dino? (on an aesthetic level)


Why is there still no way to scroll through creatures when viewing them?
I don’t think it’s much to ask for lol.


What are the actual intended mechanics of Instant Invincibility Taunt? There seems to be a lot of disconnect between what the devs want, what is currently happening, and what the players want/ speculate.

Can we have more community polls to determine certain aspects of the game? even if it’s along the lines of “what creatures do you want for this planned event?” or “here’s some options of how we want to change x. What do you feel is the best option?”


Any chance of getting little companion dinosaurs like Microraptors or some sort of shoulder pet that could serve some in game functions, like tracking dinosaurs or finding hidden things on the map?


that sounds like a really interesting idea

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  1. Why is the chat still not fixed?
    I’ll come up for 20 more questions after this is answered.

Alliance chat still isn’t fixed? :grimacing:


Of course not. And they only acknowledge that “requests stay after they are completed”. Every other bug is there still too.


Why does it take you so long to figure out what causes bugs?

This is based on their request for people in shores to not hit the match disconnect button because of a match timeout issues in shores.

I mean besides the fact that this effects more then just shores… why wouldn’t this be one of the first things you investigated.

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I would like the < > to be around the name or somewhere else, I don’t like having that stuff over the critter.

What was the purpose of nerfing rend creatures like Purutaurus and Carnotarkus when rend resistance was added to the same update, already providing a sufficient nerf without altering the stats?

Going forward, will the game ever return to the hunt (as with the earliest updates containing between 10-15 new creatures at a time), or will updates from here on out primarily focus on battling?


Is there any chance of getting a chat in the raid lobby so we can tell another team member to either pick a different creature or even better “Please don’t start a raid with just two of us!”?? How many painful slow losses in a long battle where we go through the entire 20 turns and don’t do enough damage to win but manage to stay alive!


Can you guys go one update with screwing the community in some way.


That’s just to illustrate motion to the left or right, I’d rather not have arrows. A swipe-mechanic would be preferable. We don’t want any more reasons to accidentally click a wrong button.
Just ask my L21 Dilorano :cold_sweat:

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My biggest question is why make Quetz exclusive? (I remember the days when it didn’t even have a hybrid, we’d release a rare scent in parks and when 1 would appear, we’d change it to a zone rare instead.) Now I have to throw it in a sanctuary… :sob:

I’d always dreamed of one day having the zones rotate so I’d be able to farm Dracorex and Quetz from zone 2 with Giga scents, since they’re both limiting factors for me, and I have loads of Orion’s and Rinex’s other ingredients just sitting there doing nothing. Now it looks like that’ll never happen :sob:
Just gonna have to keep hoarding until they become available again.