Let’s take a look ya the hybrids

Alright decide to make an analysis of the new hybrid to see how good or op there are and believe me there are a few

First pig rhino

So they basically said hey let’s make this thing not only have super strong attack but bleed too.
Now for counters it says are high speed renders(so was supposed to be alloraptor and probably Thylacotator but ya we know what happened to them) stuns, deceleration, and nullifying moves. While this sounds like a lot we don’t know the HP and attack ( although considering it immune to both bleed and distraction might be very hard to deal with) anyways seems very strong with counter tho that’s good but again even more immunity and use Rhino DNA always a loss especially to those of us who don’t live in L4

Next up we have probably the most op creature in the game

Like I posted in the patch notes ludia basically said okay let’s make mammothrieum, but let’s make it Geminititan lvl of op this thing is a beast probably having similar health 4.800, and attack 1.420, and now boasting 30% armor! Keep not only immune to DoT but also Immune to heckling DISTRACTION you heard right not only that if has DEFINITE RAMPAGE mean no matter what you gonna get hit, and if you thought you can out speed it nope it has 115 base speed with bellow mean unless your immune to slow your gonna be well slower and dig-in alows it to go to 127 speed! So ya Gemini seem to have met its match now. In fact this thing is so op that Developers could come up with counters. Although I do have some suggestions to at least hurt it but it also has dug in mean it can heal so ya there is that. Anyway there are three effects that can still be used against it stun, slow, and vulnerability. Stuff like Diloracherius, Paramoloch, and other stunners would be good but they just more stall or at least do damage to it. Edmontoguandon actually it’s a almost perfect counter, able to nullify both it’s ferocious strike and dig in, coupled with greater stunning rampage and regeneration and run this my be the only thing able to take this hybrid down or at least annoy it or wound it

Ok finally we come to the Last one (yup only three hybrids what a surprise)

Now this seems a bit strange and depends on how much health; this deer :deer: :turtle: monstrosity comes in as a purely defensive tank, having superior vulnerability( luckily the move did get a nerf which was an actual good move on ludias part), superiority impact( basically superiority strike but does 1.5 damage), distracting shield strike, and of course devastation. Having 1k attack, 127 speed?, and 40% armor along with immune to deceleration and DoT this prince of the forest seems op on paper but it honestly depends on one thing, Health, if it has say 3,900 Health Down, most chompers, anti-tanks and Indo gen 1, along with nullifiers and stunners should do well, but if this thing has say 4,100 and up well better pray you have something chomper like and immune

oh man i’m very disappointed whit this. They shoul call it cenozoic world alive instead of jurassic, like i said a long time ago this game will become very trash.


Keratoporcus sounds pretty good, it’s hard to tell if it’ll be OP or not, but even if it is, I doubt it’ll be too bad.
Mammolania is almost guaranteed to be High Tyrant.
Testacornibus sounds pretty decent, I wouldn’t say it’s OP, but it’s probably going to be the best Devastation user by a decent margin.

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Ya same here

I said it depends on the hp cause it gonna have distraction mean chompers can’t do much and it’s immune too slow so tenotorex can’t do much either along with 40% like I said 3900 below it’s good balance; 4,100 above op or way to strong

I 100% disagree with any dino receiving a 2x move that cannot in any way be countered. That’s always going to be a recipe for disaster.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to a new common that I can -hopefully- dart. I’d be more excited if we got a hybrid for Alankylo, though.


Hold on, I just realised they literally put Definite Rampage on something that has PFS and Immunity to Distraction.
You had one rule Ludia, and you broke it.
What is wrong with y’all, honestly :man_facepalming:.


Lol ya just realized lol didn’t ya read the whole thing I wrote but ya I’m surprised NO ONE IS TALK ABOUT THIS I THINK EXCEPT ME like that why I said Geminititan has met it match it can probably two shot it with ease and the only thing that had at least a chance to hurt it is Eddie

Lol your asking this just now lol they been doing stuff like this

i didn’t know i wanted a deer unique until i saw this one. Something i’d want on my team because of looks like i do with constrictor rather than how good it is.

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yep. the literally did another indo g2/ Maxima with that.

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I’m starting to wonder if they even care anymore. On one hand they make awesome changes, on the other they make ones so bad that most of the people on this forum could have done way better.


Lol ya like this is just sad at this point that there this incompetent on how to balance things

They stopped caring in 1.7

all their updates seemed rushed. and they undo stuff shortly after. Just gonna take this one in stride. hopefully the new stuff is not super exclusive because i’m super done with that at this point.


But they clearly weren’t giving hybrids too much attention this time. After all the improvements we’ve had to the other aspects, I think this warrants an update focussing on the creatures and their balancing, kinda like 1.7.

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I mean let’s not talk about the disaster 1.7 was lol

I feel around 1.8 is when they stopped giving a bit about rules and fairness and said screw just come up with anything and throw it in there

Like I said before, I just wish that the deer Unique was made with Meiolania and Megalogia. That way, we could at least have a chance to get the thing within a year.

And for that Getting Mammoth DNA is hard enough - now we gotta get thousands of it for a shiny unique?

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Yup but hey cause it’s rare it totally justifies it being completely op right… RIGHT?