Let’s take a moment to appreciate Ludia’s extremely obvious lack of attention to detail

Don’t worry, it takes like 5 seconds to read. A lot of time has passed since then, and a new apex theropod has been added. Now have a look at this:

If you’ve been paying attention to strike towers and weekly themes, you’ll find a lot of the creatures included do not reflect updates to the game (nullifiers, for example), and people have brought up that the alliance rewards need an update too.

I don’t think this is the end of the world by any means, but :frowning::unamused:


It’s also weird that they changed the name of the scent


If the name was true, every carni should be in it beside the mammals and mammal like reptiles

Yeah it’s weird. I personally still refer to it as “Apex Scent”
But my guess is they wanted to avoid confusion with the Apex rarity?
It is a possibility.


Add Acrocanthosaurus to the list. So many of these old scents, strikes, themes, etc. were never updated.

maybe more people would buy scents if, ya know, they were updated to include the new releases.


It would also be nice if they rotated the arena incubators around, perhaps monthly as with other resets, many players have been playing in he same arenas for quite some time so a change would be nice.

It’s not even just this… I was thinking to myself today how they can’t even be bothered to change the line ups in the boost strikes today. Like I know what moves the ai is gonna use and what moves I’m gonna use before I hit the battle button.

I’m not saying up the difficulty but changing the Dino’s in them sure would be a pleasant change.

Changing the arena only exclusives is quite difficult unless they are going to actually treat arena as Local 5 aka have a full set of dinos that could be rotated out to be a Local. So 4 physical Locals, 1 Park Local and Arena Local. Plus probably Global Day Local and Global Night Local. Dawn/Dusk exclusives should be integrated into either Global Locals.

Arena exclusives have been a bug bear for many players as has event exclusives aka sanc only.