Let’s talk about Hydra Boa

Hydra Boa, the 7th and possibly final apex creature to be added to the game. Quite a strong creature, so strong in fact GamePress had placed it into tyrant tier before it was even fully added to the game. Before we get into Hydra Boas move set, lets talk about it’s stats and resistances. Hydra Boa has 4200 HP, 1150 DMG, 122 Speed, 10% Armor, and a 30% crit chance. And for its resistances it has a 50% resistance to Damage and Speed reduction and 75% resistant to Stun and Swap prevention.

When you think about this snakes move set you will quickly realize that Cunning is not the correct class and Wildcard suits it much better. Hydra Boa has access to many different aspects from all three different classes calling it just cunning is a massive understatement. From all three classes Hydra Boa has:


  • Precision
  • Healing


  • Distraction
  • Evasion


  • Damage Over Time
  • Damage Increase
  • Crit chance Increase

In this snakes arsenal it has Instant Nullifying Strike, a priority move that not only does 1x damage but also nullifies any present positive affects its opponent may have. Next there is Slippery Alert, a move that (while secure) cleanses all present negative effects, gives a 50% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage, increases critical hit chance by 50%, and reduces the opponents attack by 50%. Already a great stalling move making it easy for this creature to slip out of some tight situations. While threatened, Slippery Alert’s chance to dodge is Increased from 50% to 75%. It’s third move is Precise Impact, a move that does 1.5x damage but with the added bonus of going through evasion. Every snake in the game either has Precise impact, Precise rampage, or both so it makes sense for Hydra Boa to have this move. It’s fourth and final (active) move is possible one of the strongest moves in the game, Fables Fangs. A priority move that does 1.5x damage, is precise, and imposes 80% DoT over that span of 2 turns. A truly powerful ability that when combined with Hydra Boas counter Alert Deception, a move that Increases its users attack by 15% (20% when threatened) Hydra Boa could easily one shot its opponent. Now for Hydra Boas final ability, a solution to the oh so annoying swap in meta, (although it can be use as a swap in ability itself if a swap is predicted.) the Constricting Rampage. An on escape 2x damage move that also heals its user.

Overall, Hydra Boa seems like a pretty vigorous creature that has the potential to change the current meta once enough players have it unlocked. What do you think of Hydra Boa? And would you consider putting it on your team?


apparently it ties with Indotaurus

I would if raids weren’t an absolute slog