Let’s Talk About One Specific Resistance

Swap Resistance.

Why exactly, is it that most creatures with swap in attacks have it? They are the ones that should be most vulnerable to it. If you can’t pin them in any way they obviously just leave as soon as their forced pin is over.

Now obviously some hybrids and superhybrids get it by nature of their ingredients. But it is infuriating that No Escape is more likely to be Probably Escape. Also, why do things like Thor, Brachio, and Allo 2 have Swap Immunity? It makes zero sense.

Anyone else feel this way? Feels like a critical oversight to me.


It might just be something they throw on there when a creature is an exclusive or has an exclusive component. It’s definitely more common than it needs to be.
Lockdown is usually a fierce attribute, so it sort of makes sense on some cunning creatures, but resilient creatures don’t need it. You could justify it being on some fierce creatures so that they are neutral against other fierce creatures (for the same reason a lot of resilients are Immune to Decel and Stun, a lot of Cunnings are Immune to Distraction, etc) but it isn’t really needed.


Thor’s immunity really annoys me. I’m one hit away from killing it with rixis and bam it swaps out and comes back in later to torture me

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But if you look deeper…
Who have swap in moves?

Swap in wounds


Who is swap prevented?:

Swap in stunning strike?
Ceramagnus,einiasuchus,einiosaurus,monolorhino,monostegotops,nasutoceratops,sinoceratops,stegoceratops,triceratops,triceratops G2,wooly rhino.

Who is swap prevented?

Swap in stun?

Who is swap prevented?

Swap in slow?

Who is swap prevented:

Swap in savagery:

Who is swap prevented?
DC: Fierce

Swap in nullification?

Swap in invincibility?

Who is swap prevented?

Swap in heal?

Who is swap prevented?

Swap in dodge?
Well since they are cunnings,its normal

And thats it.
So except the deer family ,giraffatitan and smilonemys.I don’t see others resilient with this ability.

If pinning the opponent is a fierce ability, who do resilient creatures have it at all? (Btw this resistance is too wide spread)

There is few of resilient which should loose it.
1-Ardentismaxima:Make sense,but since it is categorized as Resilient/fierce it should get 50% at least resistance and no more.
2-Geminititan:Same reason as above
3-Giraffatitan:A pure resilient:it should be 0%
4-The deers:Well,i don’t know.They are resilient but weak and bad so?
5-Smilonemys:I have no answer for him.Resilient but cunning…
6-Edmontoguanodon:A healer which suck already
7-Mammolania:A pure resilient,non sense it got it.
8-Skoonasaurus:Same as 1 and 2

The legendary chicken is annoying, it can be exchanged as many times as it wants and it has attack priority each time it enters, it can easily beat you 3-0 entering and leaving.

Use resilients

Wait a moment…
So having phorusaura swap in and out despite the nerf it got and can hardly kill 2 dino in a row is a problem but a sarco which can deliver 3k dmg turn 1,double stun and trap someone until 3-0 is not?

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