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Let’s Talk About Scorpius’ Gens 1-3

Because I love these guys. They’re just so incredibly fun, and honestly one of my favorite things to be put into the game for a long while.

Having been bouncing around in the Aviary since almost Christmas, Sr. Scorpius G2 has been a welcome addition to my team (even at Lvl 18) as a Thor Killer because of the Stun Resist and S-I Camouflage (Defensive Swap-In)

Scorp G3 is just hilarious. The fact that this thing just minces through Tryko, Dio, Ardentis and Gemini is one of my favorite things about it because, again, my team gets absolutely demolished by these things.

Not to mention that the Critical Ambush Animation is a 10/10. A backflipping Scorpius Rex is not something I knew I needed.

Speaking if the animations, these are really good. The Swap-In Animation is nice, even if it is a messy for sound design and 2x sped up. The Rampage animation is, again, great, especially with that amazing kick.

It’s a bit of a shame about the health being so weak, but otherwise it’s probably one of my favorite creatures to be released in a while.


The potential stun+bleed is really great against tryko/dio. And it has the added effect of forcing opp to reveal their swap in attackers early.


I think the design is hideous …

That’s the point. And it does it beautifully.

Now Scutophicyon, on the other hand…


it’s supposed to be. I don’t know if you watched the show but Masrani told Wu to scrap it because it was ugly.


I really love these things but I do have a few issues, sound design(why do they have a t-rex roar? Plenty of sound samples from the show?), animation(only find it a bit odd the animations seem sped up, but my real issue is why they don’t use their tail, especially for the quill things), and then there’s design(kinda wished for a little variation, like with what gen 3 appeared it was suppose to have, the eyebrows). Other than that I really like them


I just don’t like that they recycled Omega 09’s sound effects instead of giving them the ones it had in the series.

Personally, I do like the design of it. Do i think it is better looking than Indominus Rex or the Indoraptor? No, but it is a cool design. As far as the game goes, I believe they did a great job capturing the look. I really like the color design on the Unique version as well.

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The head crests would have been really nice (heck, they actually looked good in the silhouette), but the design’s pretty good without them. The roars, however… yeah that’s slightly disappointing.


So what are their counters in the arena?

So far all I’ve heard is Magnapyritor.

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Lux, magna, bex, haast Maximus, poukandactylus, mammolania, venator should beat it as long as it goes cunning strike and doesn’t get stunned, spxs is around 67%, mammotherium, Orion is mind games, nemys is 50/50, monolometradon is mind game and rng, indoraptor is rng with how many hits it can dodge.


Scorpius is also very susceptible to swaps especially if it bleeds something that can’t be stunned.

Why would orion be mindgames? I was thinking it should beat it pretty solidly.

Easy, stun and shattering. Orion can’t do damage at the risk of being stunned. So it can’t go for crafty strike or sidestep with being just open to attack next turn, so its only option is LI which guarantees even if it is stunned it won’t be just 1 shot next turn. However scorpius can predict this and just use shattering then stun or rampage and Orion is dead. But Orion can also predict this and go for crafty strike in which it kill scorpius in two turns.

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Scorpius is just the new king of mind game with so much at its disposal. Although take it with a grain of salt.

Oh, ha I forgot about fierce strike. I was thinking it can just throw up LI and it’s golden.