Let’s talk about the pass…

Hey guys! I usually try not to complain or be negative, but this is the last straw. The fact that Ludia made the pass not scale with level infuriates me. My alts, the place I go to escape the meta, are now swamped with stupid Thors. I’m talking both alts here. The one in ruins, and the one in BADLANDS of all places. It isn’t just a one or two battle thing, this is almost EVERY battle now. I can’t even go to my one safe place in this game anymore. Ludia you need to fix this for the next pass cause I am not gonna deal with it any longer.
Here are screenshots for evidence. I only have two cause I couldn’t stand it anymore and gave up.

Is this really what it takes to stay in badlands now? Seriously Ludia? What’s next? Apexes in the first arena? You are powercreeping ENTIRE ARENAS. (On one hand it’s kind of impressive you can do that, but it still infuriates me.) You are going to lose a LOT of your player base if you don’t fix this. Isn’t jwa a game where you’re supposed to use what you want and have fun with it? We can’t even drop to lower arenas and use weaker dinos now cause of what you’ve done. Fix it.
Here is my badlands alt team for reference…


Yes I know my team is an oddball one, but that’s why I created this account. To use stuff I can’t normally use…


They either spent mo9ney or got super lucky with rng

The pass isn’t rng….


Mission rng

Like collecting 2.8k common dna

You could just re roll it, and that isn’t the point here. There’s plenty of time to complete the pass. The issue here is the rewards

The pass is meant to help players get unique dna,yea but I agree that they should change it to be level based because having to fight a Thor in lockdown ain’t fun

The pass isn’t meant to help players get unique dna, it’s meant for Ludia to make more money. They just throw op rewards in there to incentivize you. It’s the same as every other pass, and I hate it equally as much


Isn’t that the point of the game?to make money,for example,brawl stars brawl pass can be obtained by f2p every other season.I think ludia should follow this

There are much better ways to make money than ruining your arena system that was already struggling. They could’ve made the pass way better by changing the rewards based on player level. You could still make worthwhile rewards for all levels without rexy and Thor running around in badlands…

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I’m pretty sure u only get a 150 rexy dna from the pass and u get just enough dna to unlock Thor,they should lower the Thor dna

You get more than 150 rexy dna…

It’s either 200 or 150 dna

It’s at least 200 from the free pass. We haven’t even accounted for the paid one…

I mean,u expect to get more dna from the paid pass

Going off your logic, you expect to instantly just teleport to the top arenas if you pay enough. New players shouldn’t be able to buy uniques. There’s a reason that for almost all unique incubators in the store, they’re locked behind a certain player level

Pretty sure u can get unique incubators for 148 dollars with any level and u unlock it

No, not any level. Ludia actually locked those behind a certain player level for a while. If they aren’t locked, that’s a new change and another reason to be mad at them

I saw this in a facebook group a few days ago, Ludia ruined the lower arenas sadly
and the fact that u can get it from the free pass and just need 2 weeks to unlock it it’s terrible
there’re still 3 weeks of this pass so this is just the beginning