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Let’s talk about touramoloch

People say it’s useless in PvP and more of a raid monster… it’s good in raids, yes, but it’s not bad in PvP… it’s got good attack, but that’s not why… Group acceleration is borderline overpowered. I’m sorry but let me explain. Instant charge has a delay, group acceleration is a priority move with no delay, it attacks, gives you a crap ton of speed, and only has a 1 Cooldown. Now that’s insane, while your cooling down you can heal or use superiority Strike.

Do I think it needs a nerf? No! If we nerfed it, it would make toura useless in PvP. This move is saving it, and I see lots of people use toura in PvP, it’s just enlightening you all that not all hope is lost for spikey nurse.


Yeah I’ve faced one of these in arena, they’re pretty interesting. That speed up instant hit gives it even more power.


Dilorach also destroys anything slower than it with the exception of 2 creatures we do not speak of and Mammolania


Especially mine as it’s boosted to the moon for some obvious reasons

I agree. Tuora is actually much better than before the change. It’s also absolutely tyrant in raids. Doesn’t need a change at all. Those that want him to revert back probably don’t now how trash he waa in 1.14

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the only thing i can even want on tuora at this point is a small counter. .25 or .5 counter.
that little bit of extra chip damage can help. Other than that she’s a wonderful healer/ support dino in raids. and she can be quite anyoing in PvP. i lost my max to a boosted tuora.


Me: laughs in grypo, dioraj, tenato, and Gemini


Hi, my name is sarcorixis


DioRaja beats Diloc too

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You can’t stun dilorach and he’s cunning, besides GEH

Grypo isn’t much of a problem, I’ve beaten a few dios, Gemini was near dead and Tenonto was within erlidom range

But like one slow is enough to basically finish him, and Fercious impact does a lot of damge then hit it with slow again and boom it’s dead

Laughs in 4.4k HP

Yes mine is boosted, but it’s really fun to play. No this does not mean I support crutch warfare

I originally boosted him for mortem raids, but then the day after @Qaw ‘s irri strat came out. I thought I’d use those boosts otherwise he’d waste away on the bench, and if your wondering I benched indo2

Grypo has not only cleasing strike meaning the distraction is only useful for the counter but also shields and now only two turn heal, dioraj has shields, armor, invincibility and resilient moves on its side so it will always have speed control or some way to mitigate damage. Tenotorex is is basically a two shotting machine, Geminititan is basically immune to distraction, has very good attack still, and can shield or do invincibility


Laughs in GEH

Seriously tho, dilo is pretty sweet. I haven’t faced lots of grypos and the few Gemini’s ived faced were brought down, either thru team play or just me popping off with mind games. Dios go down after a while cuz he has no way to replenish health. I’ve 3-0’d at least 5 teams with it and that’s not merely a boost thing. Dilorach AND Tuo could both be low tyrant arena

Pfft ya no, sure they can heal but they just don’t have the damage output or even stats to be close to arena tyrant worth they low to mid apex at best. Now raid battles is another story

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Yeah, resilient strike+impact does it


How? Dilorach has 4350 health

My mistake, I thought it was 4200. Don’t see it too often anymore

I have yet to come across Tuora in PvP. I may have faced a Dilorach at some point, but if I did, it wasn’t very memorable.

Is either of them good unboosted? I want to level my Tuoramoloch eventually, but if it’s that good I might do it sooner rather than later. I’m accumulating quite a bit of Tuojiangosaurus DNA.