Let’s talk about zones


I can see people mentioning moving between some “zones” in order to catch specific dinosaurs, I read few things about them, and I can tell you from my experience I have found absolutely no difference between spawns regardless of where I was, at least in London UK.
Whether it’s London Bridge, Wembley or places nobody heard of the spawns are same, with rare and epics showing up at random.
The only factors that make a noticeable difference is time of day and green zones.

Anybody have different options? Because I am keen towards dismissing the idea of zones as a hoax :wink:


mayhap all of london is a single zone?

sometimes this forum can be a veritable shrine to anecdotal evidence.


Yeah, they definitely are not a hoax. Where I live, I happen to be at a meeting point within a short drive of every zone. Its pretty obvious when I cross from one zone to another the sudden differentiation of the dinosaurs I see. As large as London is, I can’t imagine it’d all be one giant zone, though I’ll leave the potential for it to be open since we have no idea at the moment beyond locally known areas where they are. Are you sure you aren’t seeing different commons in different parts of the city? That’s usually the clearest indication you’ve switched zones.


Not two days ago, i printed a map of my town and started to mark epic encounters, and i can say that i now know exactly where to go to get what i need. Too bad i don’t have as much time as i would like to hunt and play


I live in a town of some 20000 pop, and i have singled out all 4 zones i can walk to in 15ish minutes…


If you are on a train at East Croydon Station its L4. Pretty good for Parasaurolophus, Sucomimus and Giraffatitan.

Dont hunt anywhere more central London.


You got it, it’s a hoax


Here in Budapest (smaller city than London) we have at least one of each zone.

There is one I’d call ‘rural’ with Lythronax, Monolophosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Megalosaurus, Dilophosaurus and Purrusaurus gen 2. I don’t get the other zones, but there must be a logic where they are as well.

The rural zone is actually many times in towns, outer rim of a city and villages.