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Let’s talk Arctops!


I’m just curious…

I haven’t even seen this thing in the arenas! Where is this creature? Is it incubator only? Or does it appear in the wild? Is this the “Waldo” of the game currently?

Does anyone have an answer??

Yea… its really strange. Its not an arena exclusive nor event exclusive. I guess its a mystery.

it was an event exclusive when first released. many people aren’t leveling it much due to potential hybrids. Most would’ve taken it to 10 and left it there.


It’s a fun critter in rare skill tourneys.
Since it’s DNA is rare as a hen’s tooth, I’ve been hoarding mine.

I was wondering as well since it wasn’t on the list of “staying exclusive” or “changing to” and so on. I’ve stockpiled like 12,000 dna for a hybrid though. I took mine to level 10.

Through the sanctuary, I got mine to 10 through that aniversary. How do you have this much dna. You can get it to 20!

Sanctuary as well. Before the update and since its release, it’s the only creature I used items on for the most part. Besides builds and maybe a few items for something else. I do t want to have a hybrid come out and then get the dna. I want to be ready. So hopefully I have enough now. I’ve been doing the epic eagle now.

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When was it ever an event exclusive? I’ve been an active player since the game released! And I have not seen it at all!

First was a shop incubator. Then it was featured in the anniversary event.

those were the only places it has been available other than sanctuaries if someone had happened to unlock it.

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