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Let’s talk solutions:


Soo… shutting down the server for maintenance obviously affects gameplay. It’s also necessary for developers to fix glitches, etc…

JWA is very sensitive to timing in that, important events that can take just a few moments can make big differences to a player ( darting epics, launching scents …)

If we, as you player base/clients, may be at risk of the game shutting down for updates (which we hope continue to happen to make the game better) …

I would suggest: an in-game player wide alert that says something like:

an update will occur in X minutes

This will give us time to finish battles before starting new ones and also warn players to not launch scents at that time.

Just my thoughts on what seems like a big problem, with a simple solution.


I agree this is something that almost every other game has and this game needs… how many man hours now needs to be wasted by their support department handling complaints of scents… lost dna.

But then again… it seems this was an actual hotfix that even the forum mods werent made aware was happening. If they cant even be bothered to let their own teams in on the plans to deploy a hotfix, what chance do we have of them implementing something like this.


Agreed! That is all


They sometimes warn us days before… It would be enough for me if they ALWAYS did that

Though this last one (second of the day) didn’t seem to be on their plan… In that case, an alert a few minutes before would be appropriate indeed

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maybe ludia is experiencing connectivity issues.

they should try cycling their wifi and mobile data.


If this thread stays constructive I will personally pitch these ideas to the devs, if one person has to be moderated, deals off.


That means a lot @J.C !
Thanks for your support.

I was just tossing out an idea that may help.
Feel free to close the thread now if you think this idea is one the developers may be into as well. I don’t really have anything else to add.


We would really appreciate that! Just a little notification is all we ask.

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I think a 20 minute warning would be enough… i only say that because thats the longest duration of scents we currently have. Cause youd miss out of 2-4 spawns on an epic or rare scent if you started one then got a 15 minute warning.


I agree @Evicton

A 20-25 minute heads up makes great sense …


we’ve seen you test, seemingly inadvertently, a messaging/alert system - please utilize it.


I just totally agree! This feature would be very great!

Thanks @Hersh for this suggestion!


I am pitching your ideas to the dev, you guys kept your side of the bargain up, so will I.

Now it’s important to remember I do not have final say on this issue and I can’t promise changes will be made but a deals a deal.


Thanks soo much bro!
We really appreciate you looking out :slight_smile:


I agree and have now also typed 10+ characters.

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We really do appreciate that! We like knowing that our opinions and suggestions are being heard.

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I am sorry, am I the only one who thinks that it is absurd that a mod threatens not to tell the developers how the game should progress based off of player feedback, because a person in the crowd might get carried away?

I can’t be the only one…

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The developers do regularly look here for feedback, frankly they would have seen this regarless of our bargin.

Just lending my voice.


This post makes me feel warm and fuzzy. A Christmas miracle!!! :heart_eyes: thanks so much @J.C we all love this game and want it to continue being something we love :heart:


While I agree that ultimatums hinder progress,

Being civil can’t really be that challenging of a task :man_shrugging:t4:

Who ever that one person could’ve potentially been to ruin this for the community would’ve been hated as much as that guy who complained about unlimited coins and cash.

In any case, thank you again @J.C !