Let’s your ideas to fix the worse

So a couple of days ago I did a poll on the worst uniques and the game and to some surprise the mammal won

By a land slide

And so I want to see how all of you would rework it. I’m give you all the info on its parents and it’s original description.

So good luck

Now let get those reworks started or whenever you guys feel like it.

Also maybe the top 5 people lie will go into a poll… just a thought

4500 HP
1050 damage
116 speed
15% armor
5% critical

Nullyfing strike
Distracting impact
Lethal wound
Definite rampage



Health: 3750 -> 4800
Attack: 1000 -> 1100
Speed: 116
Armor: 10%
Critical: 5%

  • Distraction -> Long Defense Strike
  • Definite Impact -> Precise Rampage
  • Lethal Wound
  • Distracting Impact
    Full Immunity
    On Escape Dust Cloud

Monolorhino is very clearly meant to be a bulky, high utility bruiser, similar in vein to Tenontorex, only more defensive. However it can’t do that if all of its stats are abysmal, and its kit is severely out of touch with the meta. I tried to make it a bit more bulky with some added damage output and an OE ability for flavor.

Favorable matchups: Erlidom, Tryko, Dioraja, IndoG2, Orion, Grypoly, Nemys, Phorusaura, Thor

Unfavorable matchups: Maxima, Gemini, Mammotherium, Mammolania, Magna, IndomG2, Moth, Tarkus, Tryo


Huh precise… makes sense with that long horn I like it and you have best matchups and counters, very well done

I originally wanted to give it Definite Rampage, but I decided against it in order for it to lose a few extra matchups.

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Ya plus alows it to have that health buff thanks to dimetrodon gen2 who almost has 4,800

Makes it strong but also not op, I love it

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Simple but effective. Very nice :+1:

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After giving it some thought, I’m changing mine from the original rework a while ago.

~4500 HP
~1200 attack
~116 speed
~15% armour

Decelerating Strike
•Distracting Impact
Impaling Impact
Defense-Shattering Impact


Impaling Impact: Remove positive effects. Deal 1.5x damage. Inflict 0.34x opponent’s max HP as DoT for 2 turns. Delay:0, Cooldown:2.

I kinda like the idea of a 3-Impact kit, like the old Monostego. I haven’t used Monolorhino, and I don’t know if this kit is tanky enough, bit I think it’d do pretty well.

Decelerating Strike helps if Impaling Impact is on Cooldown, against faster opponents.

Defense-shattering Impact is good for revenge-killing, without wasting the important moves. Besides, the Cloak-removal isn’t necessary since Impaling Impact Nullifies.

The attack stat is taken from Pterovexus, which is also a bulky Immune bleeder with a similar moveset.



Also current kit

Like it has less health than hecking UTARINEX!

Still over all good job


HP : 4510
DMG : 1150
Speed : 116
Armor : 15%
Crit chance : 5%

Decelerating strike
Lethal wound
Distracting impact
Definite Rampage

Nullifying counter (deal no damage)

I made Monolorhino to be decent against Mammoths hybrids


HP: 3990 => 4100
Damage: 1000 => 1200
Speed: 116
Armour: 15

Distraction => Decelerating Strike
Lethal Wound
Distracting Impact
Definite Impact

I’m a ‘softly-softly’ kind of guy. It really doesn’t need a huge amount of buff to move it up a tier or two. I feel like this would be enough to move it up to mid-high apex. Not tyrant, but that’s not what I’m aiming for.


Shielded acceleretion strike(+50% speed for 2 turn)
Shielded dirstraction
Lethal wound
Definite rampage/defense shattering rampage

Now Monolo is this what it had to be: a mini-tank immune bleeder, with two move with shield becouse is a rhino and have medium hp, and one speedup move from new rhinos.

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I think both them need some improvements

*Health 4250
*Damage 1250
Speed 125
Crit 5
Armor 0

*Health 4350
*Damage 1100
*Speed 120
Crit 5
Armor 15

Nullifying Deceleration
Deal 1x damage. Remove positive effects. Target’s speed is reduced by 50% for 1 turn.
Lethal Wound
Distracting Impact
Definite Rampage

Speed is essential to any distraction move to be usefull.


How about this:

  • 4110 HP
  • 1170 Attack
  • 118 Speed
  • 15% Armor
  • 5% Critical
  • Minimal Wounding Strike
  • Nullifying Impact
  • Distracting Impact
  • Definite Impact
  • Immune

So it still doesn’t have a rampage, but it can cycle impacts every turn while still retaining a bleed move. Then some needed stat bumps. I feel like if they are going for the “affordable unique” route then I guess it can be justified not to have a rampage and huge stats, and this could be a reasonable compromise