Let the long journey begin


This is going to take more than a while :rofl:


For those of you who already have her, how many fuses did it take? I want to brace myself :joy:


I know the feeling. I started fusing for IRex, and am 50/200 on her. The long jouney into night…


The journey for IRex will be worth it. You will never forget the moment when she is finally born! :star_struck:


congrats on getting to this point, tryko is mean


Thanks! I ran out of Ankylosaurus dna when I was at 100/250 :sob::scream: I must have used about 10 epic scent capsules in its zone today but all I got were Koolasuchus and Secodolosaurus :rofl:


Do you have any other cheap hybrids that u can lvl up before hand ?
What I have been doing is levelling my other cheap ones or ones for fusing other dinos and been looking at what I am getting .
Say I got 10 , 10, 10 ,20,10 it’s likely a higher amount is coming so the I go to the one I want most on then give it ago not 100% and sometimes the cheap one gets like a 80 and I think **** sake but it’s working for me :slight_smile:


That was what I did and then I got a 90 on a Einiasuchu :rofl: Wish that had happened on my Tryko instead


Hahaha don’t you just love that :smile:


we’re with you in spirit, your victories are our victories!

unless we meet in battle that is - then we’re screwed.


I think the average fusing needed for 250 DNA might be between 11 ~ 13 times, if you aren’t too much unlucky.


My irex was awful , took over a month got one 20 rest 10s :frowning:


You’ll never know. Heck, you might just get lucky by just 5 fuses. :wink:
I don’t have a Tryko yet but, I remember getting a 100 and a 90 DNA back2back fuses for creating an IndoRaptor.


@Julien_Mayfair If we meet in battle I will surely lose :rofl:
@Tarbosaurus My IndoRaptor took me 14 fuses. Tryko is a little behind right now, with IndoRaptor by 6th fuse I was already half way
@Carl_Brown Ouch! That’s painful and tiring :tired_face:
@TIMO Ludia seems to like to save the 90 fuse for dinos I don’t want :joy:


Just pray to RNG Gods, sometimes they’ll hear you. :grin:


But most of the time, they’re deaf as a post.


@ Dalek62771 That’ll be disheartening.

But, I will also pray to the RNG Gods for Idris to have some lucky fuses to create that Tryko as soon as possible. :grin:


I just got three 90s and one 100 fusing Suchotator :joy: I swear the game knows somehow!


All right, this is the most expensive Unique (any digital creatures really) I’ve ever created. Ankylosaurus is non-existent for me even after over 30 epic scent capsules and I could only get 2! But, I finally have her.

Now Diorajasaur will never happen :scream::sob:


its beautiful