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Let the Tourney Begin


Touché to all those battling it out at the top of the board today. Had some really fun matches so far, but boy are they nerve wrecking! Keep it up guys/gals may the Dino-Might be with you.


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Getting a match in the first place is our problem lol… then the connection issues! Battling friendlies all day without issue… real match… connection drops…! What’s that about? Different servers? Would love to know how the traffic is distributed between friendlies and arena bouts :expressionless:


Yea u can get ur foot out of my… thanks :joy:

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Think i played u 3 or 4 times today. I won once :neutral_face::man_facepalming:

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Yes… Has a handful of matches appear to time out only to re-start and be losing halfway through a match lol. Not cool.


Lmao may the RNG be with us :laughing:


This happened to me multiple times today. Maybe it will be fixed by the time Jurassic world 3 comes out

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Wahoo first time-out of the day. I wait 2 mins in the arena then the count down meter stays frozen and I re-boot the app to minus 47 trophies lolol.


Amazing! But I heard aquatics were coming, so who needs bug fixes…