Let there be more of this!

My hat’s off in genuine praise to the team, because even if it rewards something as little as 10 DNA, I think this strike tower is an absolutely fantastic idea as an alternative to winning Apex DNA, and I would happily take on more Boss creatures if it meant that as a reward.

That being said obviously more than 10 Apex DNA would be nice but I ain’t complaining :rofl:


I was actually able to unlock vasilas from this event


This could be an excellent alternative to the Mortem problem.


They should do this next year, use any apex,I don´t care,I just want them all.


I like it! So Apex Bosses that aren’t collectable are collectable in battles. They really should do this more often.


This Tower was the best!
Rare incubator
Epic incubator
Apex DNA

The bosses weren’t that hard either


I agree. There should be a way for top players to get apex DNA when they are lone wolves. (What I mean by Lone Wolves are people that have no access to Discord or whatever and able to ask people for raids)


Absolutely!!! This was awesome. I even suggested to my alliance about having 2 or 3 bosses a week inside incubators. Example I gave was beating a level 30 raptor 12-15 times. Something along those lines. Incubators as they sit now are way way too easy.

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Im all for apex dna being avaialble this way and more often. It was nice getting my first 10 dna for the bear king since it is a pain and a half to even fuse for.

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what stike is that?
it was the one with a panda?
the 3 groofs?

3 step
Then panda boss

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It’s today Epic Gold Strike tower.

First two fights reward a normal Epic Gold incubator (though you will have to fight a lvl 22 Arctovasilas that’s got some boosts), but the third fight pits you against the ultimate Panda boss (the one with 25k health) and rewards you with some Arctovasilas DNA.

10 in my case

Edit: 10 in fact seems to be the reward regardless, or at least the most common reward.

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mmm i missed that.
i was smashed by the big goat, then beat the big dodo, but couldn’t do the panda, pity…

I think a good Thor and some decent bleeders and/or a good Grypolyth could pull it off.

ow, sorry. didn’t play today yet, im gonna try later, thnks.

edit: got it. just spinoconstrictor + scorpio rex g3 lvl 21 unboosted, and some other 2 creatures to swap, to reload spino/scorpio bleed moves, making panda bleed again, lol. bleeeeeed to the end, panda. :smiling_imp:

Congrats on the bear king

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I think this would even be great even for unique DNA. Maybe once a week we get a strike tower dedicated to a unique creature that gives 10 or 25 unique DNA for that creature along with an epic incubator.

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Yeah or maybe make the 40 apex dna incubator be winnable