Let us access forgotten masterpieces

One of the most amazing parts of WoW when I started was the campaign. Working through cleverly and beautifully crafted battles with minor bosses, balancing tactics and then returning after a pasting. Often these interim bosses were more challenging than the final boss. All that work, development and art by the Lydia development team…wasted. Only the main bosses are available to play again when a room is completed. What other game would only allow you to play only 5% of the PVE it created once you are good enough to really enjoy it? There are quite a few sub bosses I’d love to go back and hammer now I’m able. The hard development and cost has been sunk? Why lock long term players out of experiencing it? Come on Lydia. Let us play the back catalogue of campaigns and minor boss stages…or is that already in the works.


I am pretty sure the monsters you see in challenge mode with the crowns above them are exactly the monsters you are talking about.

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True. But I’d like the chance to run the campaign again not just see them in the boss challenge. Its either challenge or PVP. I’d love to run the campaign again. It was enjoyable.

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Sorry but Slimeworms is right, all of the “lost” sub-bosses you’re referencing are the monsters with crowns above their heads. The only thing actually “lost” is the animation for them when you first encounter them, which while fun once or twice - now just becomes a waste of time when trying to farm. Imagine seeing that animation on every single challenge screen every time, boss included. Frankly I want an option to completely toggle off all animation as it wastes time, and probably kills device battery life.

So your suggestion just ends up becoming another playthrough of the “Explore” mode with tougher mobs - which has been suggested countless times. I don’t disagree with you, we definitely need that, but 95% of their content being wasted is incorrect.

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We need a game setting to have no, short and full animations. And even if enabled, the animations should be skippable (after seeing them once).

But Michael’s matter is something I’ve been thinking of myself too. We need another type of game mode. I suggested quests in a poll a while ago, where you could go for various items you’re trying to collect, or sometimes money, gems or books – or just ignore them if not interested. Perhaps three quests in different environments, or one for each opened environment – but each scaled for player’s rank! The further you get, the more rewards you get, up to a limit (defined by your rank). And this would utilize those sub-bosses; The way they were presented in exploring mode made them special!

Btw, IIRC there is coming some form of return to explore mode in events soon?

Quests already exist. Not sure what you’re suggesting other than just expanding them.

Oh, I meant to use another name. I think I used different name when giving the feedback – the idea is to have another game format in addition to Explore, Battle & Challenge, not to change Quests mechanic. Something between Explore & Challenge.

Yeah I agree. They hinted at it with that survey and requesting feedback, but who knows.