Let us choose arena pool rewards!


I am so annoyed that in order to target specific DNA I have to deliberately spend hours throwing matches by not attacking/switching out until I drop my rank enough so that I may get multiple wins in a row without changing arena type.

Even a forfeit button would be nice but I’d rather not see THAT abused for MMR grief farming newbie players.

I am a rural resident, no supply drops in range, MAX two spawn points in the absolute farthest edges of my wifi range (I don’t have a data plan, way too expensive).

So, when even I, a relatively new player, am able to rise out of the Fallen Kingdom arena surprisingly quickly into Mt. Sino and have to go far and well out of my way to waste time losing on purpose to keep the arena capsules for FK, you know it’s a problem.

I bet it’ll be a solid 5 months or more, RNG pending, to save up the DNA for a level ONE T-Rex because nothing good spawns out here and this absolutely stupid arena system is infuriating.


I’m not sure it’s the game for you, if you don’t have a data plan. It’s based on exploration, so it’s pretty far fetched to complain when you don’t meet the base requirements. Sure you can play it, but it’s pretty much the same as playing a current gen game on 10 year Old PC and complaining that it stutters.


I can at least put up with the usual fare of inconveniences that a mobile game like this entails. Free public wifi is becoming more popular as more outlets implement it.

It’s just that this is simply ONE. MORE. THING. that doesn’t have to be here which affects more than just people like me.

I simply stressed my situation because I’m greatly annoyed at how there’s always ‘one MOOOORREEE thing…’ (points if you get the reference).


Well, you can still get all the lower rewards from higher Tier Incubators. And by the way … you are not collecting it for a Lv. 1 T-Rex. Each Rarity starts at a certain Lv.

Common = Lv. 1
Rare = Lv. 6
Epic = Lv. 11
Legendary = Lv. 16
Unique = Lv. 21


I’m gonna give this a bump, because I was about to suggest the same thing.

As long as you’re in an arena of the same or higher level than the prizes you’re interested in, I really think you should be able to choose what you receive. It makes little to no sense right now, especially when you’re trying to get certain dinos leveled up and they turn up once every ten incubators at the higher levels.


You should look at my article “A Unique Idea with Aquatic dinosaurs” on this website. It may be able to help.


And BTW, T Rex’s start off at level 11…


I had not meant the most literal interpretation when I originally wrote that. Semantics aren’t enjoyable so I had simply let it go.