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Let us choose our team everytime we start a friendly battle

As title. I think friendly battle is a really great chance for us to experiment new dino and new team combination as everything would be on the same level.

However, it’s just too annoying to change our team in the collection page, then start a battle, and have to change it back to our normal team afterwards. It even adds the risk that we forgot to change it back and costs us arena trophies.

If we can choose our team from the collection page everytime a friendly battle start (or make it an option - use standard team or make a new team) I think it would encourage players to try out different combination as well as making it more fun for us as we can use those low level dinos to examine their full potential much more easily.


For friendly battles I fully agree. There is no benefit that playing a friendly gives you that you shouldn’t be able to choose what you want to field.


This would be a vast improvement. Especially since my Samsung for some reason takes ages to register before a friendly battle (and from what I’ve seen on the forums I’m not alone), meaning regardless of whatever has been drawn randomly I don’t get to see it or even pick my first dino before it’s chosen for me.



This is a good idea… I dont know how many times after a patch ive made a dino at base level then added it to my team to see how it does in friendlies only to have the game not pick that dino for 3/4 matches in a row.

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Exactly. Friendly battle has so much potential for practice and for the sake of fun for players if they could do this. There can be more improvements to make it much better but one step at a time I guess.

Better have a choice than this. We are enjoying doing drafts and it won’t be possible with this.

YOU have no benefits. Other do.

So you may want this functionality (that sounds good) but stop asking for removing another one instead. We could have both without having to choose.
That’s exactly a problem we see across lot of topics. Players who fail to realize that some functionalities while useless for them could be good for others and just ask for a total change.

We could have selected teams of 4 where you can test in the order you want your dinos and the classic mode where it’s still 4 from 8 randomly to simulate real battle.
One good improvement would also be to let us create special team of 8 we can pick from for the friendlies (or even for arena) without the hassle to go to the collection screen.

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