Let us claim duties when chest is time locked

We should be able to collect duties even when the chest is time locked. It really hurts gameplay to have duties full and unable to collect


Ludia, please lower the wait time. 8 hours is too long.


Oh snap, look like I made a spam thread… May the mods forgive me.

But, honestly you guys, devs gave you almost infinite energy. Tons of runes. No more serious duty management. And you want even more? I’d sooner bet they would nerf the energy rewards from 5 to like 2-3. Or even nerf the standard chest rewards before they put back the timer.

This timer, in a way, is a countermeasure. Just like with the revamped combat, you may have noticed that enemies no longer are allowed to attack and cast in the same turn and now abandon their queue and only cast on the next turn.
In other words, if a dragon had 90% spirit and received the standard 10% per turn regen - this regen would occur before their attack, not after, as it does if they successfully attack. And this would convert their attack into cast in that turn. You had to play around that.

Now in the same situation they would skip turn and cast on the next turn. The same goes if you fill them up lickety split with the new 10% spirit gain per tile strike - they would skip their turn and only act on the next turn. Not that it helps much, because if you can’t kill that dragon with tiles or already charged abilities - you are boned. But that’s irrelevant.

Point is - that turn skip is the countermeasure to the ludicrous combat redesign. And so this chest timer is a countermeasure to prevent people from just abusing their high level repeatable quests.

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Are you arguing voth sides of this? In the other thread you ask to reduce timer, in this one you defend it. I’m asking for a compromise

it doesn’t matter if it’s a medium chest, or a hard chest, it’s still 8 hours of waiting

maybe 1 hour for an easy chest, 2 for medium and 4 hours of waiting for a hard chest.


Considering that it has been established by Madara(if I recall correctly the pinned Disqus post) since February that the ONLY chest that matters is Hard - what would you gain from smaller cooldown on literally “waste of effort” chests?
The only reason you have duties sitting idle - is because you have a huge influx of free energy. That didn’t happen before. Play like before and ignore it. This free energy is a bonus, not a necessity.

I’m a realist. Nihilist. Pessimist. Troll.
I am not advocating a nerf pe say, like I said - I “can’t complain”. But I am objecting these complaints about basically “free stuff that you didn’t have before”. Because you guys might want the game to go from better to better to better, but I prefer to be ready for the worst case scenario. Where instead of lower chest cooldown, which means lots of free resources that devs get 0$ for - there would just be lower chest rewards.

Because, make no mistake, these devs may be erratic - but they aren’t stupid. You want to ask them for faster chests? While still retaining a constant flow of energy? They’ll give you faster chests. With half the rewards. So you could at least keep that flow of energy up. Or they’ll “at least” change the duty requirements back to what they’ve been before the Club update. That is - like 5 duties completed instead of 3, 10 battles instead of 7, 6 dragons bred(or was it 5?) instead of 3 and so on.

In other words - you ask for a buff, I troll for a nerf.

Right now not is just causing frustration. All 3 duties are full and I havent been able to claim my chest for hours. It is a weird game mechanic that dis-incentivizes training.
We did ask for an increase in rewards to equal the energy as energy rewards became much more valuable as you progressed. I think a better solution may be to scale duty rewards to level like the repeatables are.
I think you hit the nail on the head in other thread that they instituted this to keep trust pointsfor flight club limited. I think the limitation is impacting gameplay more than they probably expected. We know their play testing is very minimal and that they test features more than general gameplay and how everything interacts and this is a prime example

Actually you got me wrong. Like I said - I am very surprised to see this “change”. Itami may come in and call me a liar, a fool, a troll and a naysayer - and he’d be right. I repeatedly refuted any hopes for more energy and, if that’s what get in the end - I’d love be as wrong as it takes.
Point is - I didn’t expect it and I’m happy. But… Just as I was happy about the free 3star scales that we had in March and part of April - these things end, when devs realize they have overdone something.

When I suggested a connection to Fight Club - I meant that if we had our old duties, then it would make Fight Club chests rather… scarce. Seeing as they are limited to 15key only and, sadly, very few players are good at this game. Even 5000+ ones. So the amount of bad reception from “FC being not worth it” might have pushed them to make it “as worth it as possible”. But, as you well noted - with limitations.
What we get - is the result of it all, because they haven’t yet separated duties. And they might. I wouldn’t be surprised if these 5EN duties would end up as “premium FC version of duties”, whereas normal people would get standard rewards. This would veeeery quickly eliminate all the “problems with duties being ready and chest being unavailable”.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I was making the most chests per day prior to the update. That 1 hour cooldown was basically for paying people who rush things, and so people could get more than 3 chests. But I still doubt that “a lot” of people could get 3 chests a day. Even with access to locations much higher than Coldwind Wastes - you just don’t get enough resources to truly faceroll it with limited energy.

And my point is - if people couldn’t, say, 3 chests(because 8x3=24 hours, a day) a day - then… they can now. The first and most important change - is that they CAN. And just because a few of these people “could” potentially get more - doesn’t mean that devs will unlock it. They need to make a living too.
Don’t push your luck with them.

And, full disclosure, the ultimate point of my post is reverse psychology. First of all - to reduce the expectations, therefore increasing the reception of a possible change. But also - to trigger the opinion about “nerfing” it. Because I am fairly sure that devs “are” reviewing such options, and instead of seeing “I want more I want more”, it may be better to let them see “I don’t want less”. Because that makes you think about losses and public control, and that could, in turn, be a reason to further improve it. But seeing players just ask for more more more - could simply result in a “careful what you wish for” scenario. As I said - they’ll give you your chests and duties, but at a cost you might regret having to pay.

Even an 8 hour wait time = 3 Chests in 24 hours. It doesn’t feel super long wait if you manage your time and focus on specific duties before others. Hatch eggs and breed while waiting for your energy to refill for the battle duties.

I think it’s getting forgotten that this is an /adjustment/ because the devs felt chests were being opened too quickly by players with a lot of energy or the runes to refresh. Sure, sometimes I’d get lucky with Fishlegs duties, going back and forth from petting a dragon to a single colour egg hatch, but that was luck, not design.

The 5 energy rewards are definitely more useful than 10 eggs or 1.5k in resources. I’ll gladly take the wait time for that trade.