Let us collect more that 6 FIT/daily or reduce daily quest max

Sanctuaries are nice addition, but new daily quests are to hard once they get maxed out.

Have this third time in 5 days. Every other day is a break from these quests. Problem is that we can only collect 6 food and toys daily. When we get these quests we are forced to save food and toys until daily quests reset. That way we are unable to maximaze positive effects (dna collected, sanctuary points) of FIT.

Many of us wake up early morning before daily quests reset.

So there are two options:

  1. Raise the cap of daily FIT that we can collect to 9 or 12.

  2. Reduce maximum of used FIT for daily quests on 3 or 4 with same cap of drop from stops.

This month I don’t care too much, as I have no intention to use Smilocephalosaurus. Though I’m sure there are many players that wan’t to collect daily reward each day this month.


It’s easy to achieve, the only one that may not be easy for some people is the interaction one because you can only get 8 a day, 2 every 6 hrs, so if you don’t have time to collect the free incubator then the amount you can get is reduced by 2, then by another 2 depending on your availability.

The others are easy as it just requires spinning supply drops.

The thing I don’t like about it, even though i’ve not had trouble collecting daily rewards, are:

  1. Various timers aren’t synced
  2. By sitting on 6 food/toys each day when they aren’t in the daily mission means that Ludia is forcing us into using sanctuaries when they want us to.

However, what I would suggest is if they plan to add extra work to the daily missions then they should increase the max rewards as that is only fair. Make it max 150 dna instead of 100.

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Interactions aren’t problem for me. Can get 6 easily. Food and toys are. It’s not a problem to collect them. Problem is that i can’t use them when I want. My daily quest reset at 7am local time. I work from 6am to 2pm. Wake up at 4 am during week. So if I use food and toys before 7am I have trouble to finish daily quests. They need to sync those timers if quests stay like this.

I agree they need to sync timers, absolutely. My daily missions reset 6am and supply drops reset at 1am.

But can you not just ‘not’ use sanctuary between 4am and 7am? Use that time to collect them from supply drops? I’m pretty sure you can plan your use around them, and then once you’ve done that once then it will fit going forward. Again this is where Ludia ends up dictating how and when we use the sanctuaries though.

Yeah I’m forced to not use them that time. As, even if I could do daily through week I would miss fridays as on saturday I sleep longer and won’t wake up before 7am to finish daily.

I’m at 2am and 7am resets.

I’d be happy if the activities were available in the store