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Let Us Donate Epic DNA

Not really sure I need to explain much here, but basically, let us request Epic creature DNA from our alliance members and allow us to donate it. So many of our alliance members mention how they have too much of various Epics and others are wanting that specific Epic.


I understand not allowing us to share Legendary and Uniques since these are all hybrids, but Common, Rare, and Epic creature categories all have base creatures used for hybrids. Even if it was only Epic non-hybrids that could be donated, that would be excellent!


Bad idea. Has been discussed countless times before but it’ll make it too easy for people to get it.
Maybe some form of trade can be introduced but donations I find a very bad idea.


Actually I like that idea. Trading one dna for another.

If someone doesn’t want to donate, they don’t have to. Is there an issue with helping each other out? I’m not one looking to ask, I’m looking to get rid of the too much I have no need for.

I would foresee this as something that would be minimum DNA that could be donated just like how sanctuaries only give so much Epic DNA.

I would say an additional trade off would be longer wait times before being able to request another set of DNA.

I have to disagree that it’s a bad idea seeing as it serves to help people who just want to unlock creatures and play the game like the rest of us.


There should always be a part of the game that makes you grind for it! This is one of 2, the other is now raid dna.


Newbies could request epics once they unlock them and get high levels in lower arenas. We don’t need more imbalance

Which you cannot request DNA now if you do not have that creature, right?

I did say if they unlock the epic. Its already a problem if people unlock them in low arenas due to alliance incubaters but allowing them to request it would be too much

Plus how come we can request rare hybrids and not epic hybrids? I’m trying to make Tragodistis here!

It’s not like I wouldn’t mind donating but I think it will be too easy for others to get epic DNA. Especially in good alliances the lower players are spoiled way too much. In lower level alliances where no one has anything to spare, it’s a waste of requests and people might give away what they don’t know they can use later.
The game helps players enough and I think there is a very good reason that to this day there are no epics in the donations.

It still comes down to choice. And if a player doesn’t support it, then they do not have to participate just like they don’t have to donate hard-to-get rare creatures.

The main point is that this isn’t even an option and if fairness is what it boils down to, the game could use a little more opportunity for people coming in. I remember back when I started there wasn’t a daily coin limit, so I had an advantage new players will never see. That advantage helped me level up and reach my position faster and acquire all these creatures sooner.

If someone doesn’t support it, they do not have to donate. Simple as that. If others decide to donate, then that’s their choice. The choice isn’t there and it should be.


I also believe that rapid fire darts would make a good in-store purchase option. Hold down while in drone view and it just continuously fires until the battery drains. This may be seen as an unfair advantage too, but if it is something you can only buy one at a time for say $5, then I think that balances it out.

Another balancing component would be faster battery drain when using rapid fire darts.

It is way easier to obtain anything right now as opposed to the beginning of the game. There were no strike towers and you could only use supply drops when you were next to them. There were no donations whatsoever and no sanctuaries, so this argument makes no sense at all.


Actually, it should only be on Sundays so there is no inbalance and max is 50-100.

Listen. This is a great idea. It needs to happen. We already get a very poor amount from Sanctuary as is. I just mentioned this in some other thread.


I think this would be fine, as long as the donation amounts were on par with FIPs. Most people probably wouldn’t want to donate a lot of their epic DNA anyway. The exception would be endgame players, but that would give them something to do with the piles of DNA they build up. And most of them are in endgame-level alliances, not with very low level players.


I was talking about coin limits and a push for pay to play. There wasn’t as much of that in the beginning and now there is. So there’s a disadvantage for those just starting who can’t get as many coins needed to level up dinosaurs due to daily limits or the need to spend actual money.

Does the argument of choice not make sense either?

The negative push-back I’m hearing sounds like new players shouldn’t get any help on a simple choice option I’m suggesting. I don’t see how just allowing people to request epic DNA would completely ruin the game. So, not adding the choice to donate or receive Epic DNA doesn’t seem like an overly problematic issue…

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No. Then casual players will have easy access to all dinos. Play and keep shooting!

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They already do though. Some of my alliance mates have legendaries all the way down in S.S. Arcadia and even Mt. Sibo!

At this point, access to Epics is pretty much universal, so why not let high-level players do something with their piles of spare DNA?


I’ve suggested Epic donations since forever. If handled properly it wouldn’t break the game. Too many people claim it would benefit spoofers and cheaters but all that means is we are held hostage to them when we shouldn’t be.

Limit to Epic donations to a set level and above, and/or restrict it to weekends.