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Let us give Epic DNA on the alliance

For the love of everything please let us give and ask for Epic DNA


That would just open a can of worms.
Let’s see… how many people run alt accounts or share alliance with their spouse/partner?
Ludia seems to already be doing nothing against pushing… letting us share the more valuable epic dna would mean getting rules in place for this.
Which also means moving resources to enforce this rules…

That’s why I don’t see this happening at all.


We could have one day in week when we could donate epic dna. Like sunday? Maybe


I have suggested this many times. Epic donations would not hurt the game. The usual response is that it would aid cheaters with multiple accounts but I’m not convinced nor do I feel we should all be held back because of it.

Weekends only would be fair and since the game has unfortunately moved away from the DNA hunting aspect I do feel it’s a necessary addition.


My main concern is that most requests will go unfilled. If players wanna exploit loopholes and abuse that is on them and their alliances.

If we can trade epics and if its once a week on a Sunday then so be it. Let alliances figure out a trade system so everyone helps everyone else. Players can use sancs plus epic trading to get more DNA per week and thus make alliances more integral to the JWA experience.


Donate, hell no. Trade, sure.


No way, people will be making alt accounts and laundering epic DNA. Everyone who does not will be left behind. I don’t want to be obligated to do that.

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Yes please!! It needs to be done


If that happens, everybody is going to setup multiple accounts, hunt the same epic dinos during the weekend & donate it to the main account.


Compromise. Request 1 Epic DNA once per week. That way we can round up those totals that end in 9


Epic Trading

Trading not Donation.

I know…i know spoofers.

But what if we have FIXED TRADES

100 Kentro for 100 Anky and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
100 Darwin for 100 T-Rex and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
400 Velociraptor for 400 Tarbo and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
200 Tunja for 200 Dimetrodon and 10 Dinodollars per transaction

Even spoofers would have to sacrifice important DNA to get something plus the Dinodollars
Every week Fixed Trades would change
And there will be a limit in every day trades (maybe 1 epic,3 Rare ,5 Common)


I don’t like the idea of fixed trades. Both players should agree to the two creatures involved and both have to tap agree.

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Bad idea, let alone the spoofers, people would just create alt accounts and collect allience rewards and dart weekly epics, then transfer to the main account. Or just trade diplo dna with baryonx dna :smiley:

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1st) you could put the one part of transaction and then wait if anyone is interested in the other
2nd) Not with players but directly with the game.You gain the first part of the transaction minus the second one of the fixed trade.It’s up to you if you want to lose something to gain something else

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I don’t see any problem with epic donations, all of you talking about DNA laundering, just try to think about how ridiculously little epic DNA you get from sanctuaries, and you can bet you wouldn’t get much more from donations, so where is the problem??

I am sitting on tons of unneeded epic DNA, just let me get rid of it somehow!


If there is going to be Epic donations, would it be any different from the current Rare and Common donations.

Seems the maxxed amount you can request is 200 DNA based on the datamine in 1.5. If players really want to set up alt accounts to funnel 400 Epic DNA to the main accounts per day, that is on them. Also that is already happening for Rare and Common DNA if true.

If the added caveat is only 1 day a week, that is 400 extra DNA per week harvested by having multiple accounts to dart and then feed. Then other problem is leveling said alt accounts to harvest more per encounter.

I think the bigger issue is having systems to ensure the requests arent wasted.


My guess, we would only be able to each donate 1 dna (5 total) per request. I doubt it would be something that could be abused.

likely that is the case.


I see a lot of people saying thing like cheater will find ways to make even, guys cheater have and always will make do with what ever Ludia pulls of, there are apps for aim bot during darting, ways to teleport to coordinates, hell some even manange to make their own incubators, this wouldnt do anything new

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