Let us name our dinos

We want to be able to nickname our dinos!


Finally, someone else who wants that feature on the game

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I’m still waiting for this to happen, lol.

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…and customize its appearance, like other battle games.

id love to place some paintings onto my tryko.


I don’t think it’s a good idea at all about names, in the sense that there is no lack of someone who will put insults by name to the dinos

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Probably Ludia will apply their community guideline security for that


Yeah nicknames and skins would be cool


Did you mean the broken system that filter out almost all of my sentences in alliance chat?
If so, I guess I can’t name anyone in my local language. :roll_eyes:

I don’t really see the need for it or what it adds, but as long as I don’t have to see the nickname I guess that’s fine.

I think it should be a selection of specific skins would be nice. Something that could be bought in store.

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Yes give us skins and add on pieces that don’t effect stats, only looks. And names perhaps.

Those guide lines… did you know my name is censored? Can’t write sixty in game chat xD

I don’t mind adding the nickname feature as long as I don’t see the nicknames of opponent’s dinos.

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Can someone else check if “sixty” is blocked from your alliance chat guidelines too?

Why do you want to check? Are you not allowed to chat in your alliance?

It blocks the word sixty for me lol

Is there such a rule or guideline? How can we check?
Btw, can you use 60 or even 64 to represent you?

What is offered and what will be given are 2 different things entirely…
One can ask but will one receive? we know not or think not !
Sometimes things are beyond our reach or someone holds them at arms length
just to tease the blazes out of us knowing full well they wont ever give it to us or
will they? one can only guess at their reasons for either not giving what is asked
for or holding out on us until they think we have been through enough pain and
finally they relent allowing us to have a mere portion of what we originally asked
for. their reason behind this is simple very simple indeed and its heart breaking
to see in reality >>>
LUDIA : ** if we give them too much then we have nothing left to offer them in
the future, but if we hold back and only give them the smallest portion we can
keep them begging for years to come slowly releasing what they want piece by
agonizing piece until the end of time ! **
As you can see its simple reasoning we ask for a loaf of bread and get CRUMBS instead ! lol
:thinking: :scream: :scream: :scream: :thinking:

thanks, “skin” is the word i was looking for.

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I mean that you are the only one able to see the name

So why do you want to name your dinosaurs if only you are going to see it?

In that case just invent a name in your mind and voila