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Let us narrow Arena incubator DNA to stop deranking


It’s a simple suggestion. Let us pick, let’s say, 4-6 + 2 arena exclusives for each rarity so people can stop deranking to narrow the DNA pool.

I really doubt that facing a team with several uniques from a team coming back up is an enriching experience for a newbie.

Having such a wide and random DNA pool at higher arenas almost feels like a punishment instead of a reward, and it’s becoming increasingly common to derank until you barely reach the required arena for the creature you want. Give us an option to narrow it down ourselves with our own choices and stronger players will stop frustrating newbies.

Even at lower Aviary I’ve been stomped by lvl 26+ 6+ uniques teams that should easily be 1000 trophies above me, so it’s not even contained to the mid-high tiers of the playerbase (Note, I’m not mad about this, win some, lose some, whatever the reason, but a new player might not understand why they face a team so much powerful and just think about quitting).

If you don’t give us a reasonable solution, players will keep solving it this way, even if it ruins the experience of the new blood that would keep the game healthy.

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You can’t “derank” to narrow your pool again. Once you attain a new arena it’s DNA pool is added to yours. So if you hit knockdown and go back to badlands you still get DNA from lock down. As well as every arena you’ve been in up-to your highest. This in theory should have stopped the droppers but the result has been that they now drop “derank”… What. Ever to score easy wins to guarantee more incubators.

At least they try.


You can, if you go back to, let’s say, Arena 2, you’ll drop Stygi from the epic exclusives and only get Alanqa.

Edit: the only ones that seem unaffected are 12h and 24h incubators.


No you just increase the odds of those dinosaurs showing up.