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Let us pick a team leader

I think this would help so much. Let us pick 1 dino that’s always in our hand. Yeah, then you can mega boost that one dino - but boosts have a cap. It would certainly help with the overboosted thors.

We still have to rely on rng for the other 3. But would really take strategy to the next level I think.


I think most people would pick a Thor and overboost it.


I like the idea a lot, except mega Thor would be everyone team lead.

No actually rethinking it I don’t like the idea. The crazy stuff I battle in library would be so much worse if their strongest was guaranteed to be in every match.


Perfect. I’d include an overleveled and boosted counter then.

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It’d be guaranteed to be in yours, too.

Right now boosted thors are a problem, for me anyway, not because I dont have counters but- because i dont draw those counters. 1 dino right now requires 5 counters to guarantee you can counter it every time.

That’s dumb.

This way I can change up my team leader based on what the meta shows.


…or Erlidom.

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Strangely enough, not a problem for me. Got 3 counters in my team.

Then this suggestion won’t change things for you :slight_smile:

Heres my team:

Pop quiz! Which of those counters thor?

Times up! Answer… none! Not when the thor is like this.

I have to bring 5 dinos to 150 speed to guarantee it. Even bringing 3 is going to take weeks.

This change would allow me to only have 1 that speed. Needing 1 dino to counter 1 dino seems like an improvement to me.

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Yeah my strongest would be in mine, but I face 28-30 teams sometimes when my own 25-21. Those ridiculous teams would start with their strongest and I’d have absolutely no shot or fun at all those matches. My strongest doesn’t counter 28s very well.

We don’t need a 100% leader, but what would work is:

That leader doesn’t get anything special, but it is more likely to be selected. Its not an 100% chance, but it’s more likely.

I do love the idea of having an ace dinosaur tho. My ace would be Utahsinoraptor or Erlidomimus


That would work too!

@Procerathomonomimus I appreciate the perspective. Dont have a good solution for that one. My team average of 25.625 keeps me between 5.3 and 5.6k, so I can relate.


Yep, I’ve drawn three distractors before and lost 3-0.

This is a pretty neat idea.

I love the random selection you already have. Makes it more fun and challenging.

i thought about that months ago.

since i never liked the random team selection…

but i wouldn’t choose thor. and don’t know why you people think thor would be everybody choice. maybe until 1.9 meta.

i should pick yoshi or indo2 here. some would pick maxima hehe.

if i could get it to a higher level, id probably pick thyla.

Sorry. I don’t agree. Let it be random as normal

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