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Let us play with our dinosaurs!

Yes! I wanna play with my dinosaurs. Now I know what your gonna say.

“We have sanctuaries you idiot!”

No. They only work for non hybrids, I’d like to play with Hybrids! No dna or anything, just some fun. And it can be done anytime. This is more then feeding and giving objects. I wanna STROKE my creatures and make them happy. Maybe happiness has a small help,

High happiness:

(hybrids only) Lower chance of getting a 10 during fuses

Occasionally they find you an object. These objects are boosts. It could be 2, it could be 20! This would make it useful, and boosts less pay to win.

Look. This might not be that useful, but please add it, maybe you could pat your tryko on the back for doing well in battle, or confort monomimus after an undeserved nerf. IDC if this is unrealistic. I would love to let my Erlidomimus! Please add :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i wanna take my dinos out on hunts. I’d like to see them on the map.


Yea. Taking Something Big, Like A Diorajasaur out on a stroll would be amazing… but we need to make sure they have a walking animation, and they don’t have a rarity circle under them, just to avoid confusion! They would stand on the dot thingy.

They just added this kind of thing to Pokemon Go not too long ago. It was fun addition to the game. Something similar here would be nice.