Lethal At 8 Months (Timmy What Is It Family) - Recruiting Now

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Hello All,

The Timmy What Is It Family of Alliances (Timmy What Is It & Look How Much Blood) are excited to announce our 3rd Team, LETHAL AT 8 MONTHS!

Currently the Alliance is in need of Members as it is only just beginning. Do not expect big rewards from Alliance Missions nor Championships just yet. This is to come over time as we continue to grow.

Under the Leadership of Veteran Players, Alliance Championship winners, Top 500 Players, active Raiders, and fun knowledgeable people, we expect to see some great things to come for this Team.

Looking for experienced players or an Alliance looking for a merge. Contact me if you are interested or just come join the server and let us know what you’re looking for.

Brief history of Timmy What Is It & Look How Much Blood. Both Teams have maintained 10/10 Weekly. Luxury of multiple level 20 Sanctuaries, both Teams in the top 100 Leaderboard in Championships with Timmy What Is It winning 5 consecutive last year.

Come join the fun.

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Lethal At 8 Months is recruiting.

This is the 3rd team in the Timmy What Is It Family of Alliances. We are welcoming players who want to progress their gaming experience and learn from some great players. We have hardly any rules in this team aside from doing your tournament takedowns each weekend and playing actively.

Join our discord or message me if you’re interested.

Is there a minimum level requirement?

17+ preferably

This Month Lethal At 8 Months, we got Tier 7/8 in weekly rewards, and Tier 5 in tournaments with only 30 members; JOIN US!! We are very active, we do all the raids and most important we are friendlies.

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Triceratops Riders are interested. Any way to contact you? Discord?

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add me on discord ehcare#2295

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Our family continues to grow, be part of it!
We are looking for active players with 4500+ trophies.
The goal of this alliance is to become top 100

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