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Lethal Wound - did I miss something?


Since when did they nerf the cooldown period for this move? Used to be 1…

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A few days ago. Yes, no news about it, just happened.
Although couldn’t tell whether it was a nerf or a bug fix. There was inconsistencies between description and actual function.


I never really got to use it a second time anyway, shows how much attention I’ve been paying!


They are doing all these under the radar “fixes” and it bothers the hell out of me. Especially since their patch notes have been way off from what was said in them… urghhh all it takes is a quick message to the forum to update us on things like this. Seems like we are asking for too much when we want to be appraised of any changes to the game…


It wasnt an under the radar fix. The kit note always said 2 turns. They finally just made it how it was meant to be


Actually it was. Considering how SS text was not accurate until they patched it in 1.5, which took them two months. A change like this is under the radar when they do not give us any Hot Fix news, and a change of gameplay was made, even if it was a bug.

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There’s a pattern of moves being changed in this way. I’m going to start paying closer attention to the move descriptions. Or you lot please do that and make a thread about the ones you find :yum: I feel like I’ve seen other moves in the past with descriptions that didn’t match gameplay. Possibly Stegoceratops stun moves.


@MementoMori I love your new profile pic! :rofl:

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