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Lethal Wound


Anyone else frustrated that lethal wound can be done what seems like every other turn. I am full on immune and cleansing Dino’s - but that thing seems overpowered!


nah, its fine


People get frustrated about everything these days, be it lethal wound, stun, dodge, critical hits, I mean yes pretty much everyone gets frustrated at things in the game, but most of all we get frustrated with the bugs that Ludia ignore.

But just because something frustrates you doesn’t mean it’s overpowered.


I agree with you, hence I have some Dino’s that counter it. Every Dino has pros and cons, it was frustrating feeling defenceless at times against some Dino’s.


I don’t use it in battles cos I don’t rate it at all. a cleansing strike nullifies it


DoT is definitely overpowered since the last update. People can “profit” off of the hard work their opponent has done leveling their dinos now. Why should my level determine the damage some wimpy dino can do to me?


Cause it can be cleansed by like 50% + of the dino roster :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t always have a cleansing dino left on my team when they bring out their DoT Noobasaur though. There have been times that all I have left is T-Rex and Stegoceratops and have to face that junk. DoT would deal nearly 1700 damage to my Stegocera when it was a 28, and now it’ll be even more since I leveled it up to 29. So that means someone could bring in a puny level 16 and deal 1700+ damage to me every turn, all because of my hard work on my dino. I’M the one who spent 200k coins to level up, not them. I’M the one who farmed all of that DNA and coins (because that 200k was saved up from any way you can get coins besides buying them). And now my opponent gets to benefit off of all of the work they didn’t have to do? No one can sit there and think this is fair. The only people in favor of the DoT update are the noobs that rely on it to win, and even they can’t agree that this is fair. Saying that it’s absurd is an understatement.


Noobs? That’s a stupid comment. It’s useless against half of the dinos in the game. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it does 0 damage because it gets cleansed. I guess you want everyone to use the same 8 dinos all the time.


I’ll respectfully disagree with you here.

I think DOT is a unique move that obviously has plenty of counters but when used effectively it can either lead to a kill or force your opponent to switch out. Both outcomes are pretty strategic on the offensive side. A team full of only immune and cleansing Dinos on the other hand, would be devoid of some really great creatures that still have a lot to offer.

In defense of the attack itself… a new born cobra could kill me pretty easily despite me being decades older (and larger). We see this in the natural world and I think it’s a nice way to incorporate it into the game.



I battled for the first time since the tournament began and as usual, the game chose my lowest dinos and this time didn’t even pick one with SS (or nullify or immune :rofl:) I did win the match but lost one dino because of DoT. :frowning:


But how does it make sense that any level dino can deal an insane amount of damage? They don’t even have to level it up. They just have to be faster.


Happens in real life :man_shrugging:t4:

Lol, don’t know what to say.
On the flip side, if it has a low level and does DOT, it’ll probably get knocked out pretty easily too.

Lose-Lose/Win-Win ??


We can’t really compare it to real life because there are plenty of things in this game that don’t happen in real life

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I would call buffed DoT an okay balance. It’s not that strong. Many top teams still don’t use dot dinos.

Btw, dinos with buffed dot got a huge health nerf. Suchominus has 4500 hp at lv 26 and now only has 3630, same for spinosaurs and others.

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So you’re calling me who uses a 21 spino a noob. I’ve put a lot of $$ into the game and have been playing since beta. Don’t think I’m a noob. I work just as hard to level up my spinotachus as any other creature. YOU are not special.

Also it was your own choice to level up dinos without cleanse.


somebody get this man a tiny violin lol


the man who leveled a ceratops rng beast to 28… sorry bro but thats a huge target for DoT

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i feel ya though. it sucks when they come out and yiu arent equiped but that thing is a glass cannon and can be taken out ez


It’s not DoT fault when just used cleaning impact as they are just waiting for that right moment. Also pls do consider swapping out that poor dino dying from poison coursing through body