Let's address the false advertisement


https://www.facebook.com/JurassicWorldAlive/videos/233631513967119/ As anyone knows this game there are a few rules that Ludias marketing team seems to keep forgetting. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen ads featuring dinos out in the wild for you to find. That’s not my issue, it’s the issue with showing that you can find a Legendary or a Unique hybrid out in the wild. That’s not fair to hype up the game with promises of finding these dinos in the wind when we all know that they don’t spawn Legendaries or Uniques in the wild. If by some chance I’ve missed some update note that says that they added the chance for them to spawn then this whole rant is for nothing but I keep quite a tight level of tabs on this game. So, I find it hard to believe that I would of missed something as game changing as that.


I do believe most of the DNA I have from Utasinoraptor I received by darting it. Legendaries and uniques may not spawn normally in the wild as of yet but special events are possible and games like this are constantly changing.


They don’t say they’re available in the wild in that video. It’s probably just to showcase the new dinos with the best shot possible.


However it is showing that theres a possibitly of facing them in the wild. They could’ve shown the legendaries and uniques in the warehouse where we usually see them (in our collection). I understand what RobWolfx is saying and would like to know more about this.


Except for the fact in the video they show them all on the “Launch” screen which you only ever get when finding dinos in the wild.


I don’t see any false advertising in the video, or am I missing something. I don’t think I did, but I could be wrong… But I’m not.


I hear you… But the sad reality is that Ludia doesn’t and if you have been here from the start, then you probably wouldn’t have wasted your time creating this post!


I disagree with the idea that this is false advertising. “Discover new dinosaurs” may imply finding creatures in the wild, but it does not guarantee.

While I understand your frustration, @RobWolfX, marketing teams of any type seek to put their assets on the best backdrop possible—and for JWA, that’s “out in the field” and using a “in the wild” background. I don’t think it’s wrong for Ludia to display their products in this way.

Is it frustrating for current players impatiently waiting a “global” release of Brachiosaurus and Legendary+Unique creatures into the wild? Certainly.

Is it malicious false advertising? No. The advertising doesn’t promise that players can find new creatures in the wild–only discover them—which could also imply creating, hybridizing, etc. The advertisement’s primary goal is to draw people’s attention and garner more interest in the game.

There are reports on the forum of players receiving Legendary DNA from 24-hour incubators…so in a way, we do have an increased chance of getting Legendary DNA…but I digress. Best of luck, and happy hunting.


I agree there’s nothing malicious there, but the fact they have them displayed on the “LAUNCH” screen indicates they can be found in the wild.

IF they cannot ever be found in the wild, then they would not even have that screen to showcase, which would mean they’ve made that image without it being real, as opposed to taking a screenshot of it ingame for their advertisement.

I think that’s what the issue is. They may not say in the video they can be found in the wild, but everyone knows that the “LAUNCH” screen is when you find a dino in the wild.


Couldn’t of said it better myself. Trust me I tried and still had trolls coming out the wood works.


You could say that with 90% of the games video you find outhere… It’s mainly because marketing team =/= dev team…


Yes, exactly–programming magic at its finest.

Regardless of the debate, I look forward to opportunities to dart these creatures in the wild or in future showcase events. (Or simply create them, for that matter :slight_smile: .)


Imagine if indoraptors starting springing up everywhere everyone would have them


Not that I don’t agree making out like you can dart them is really bad :stuck_out_tongue:


You will see that screen when they’re a special event dino. This kind of stuff is why they have to put “not actual size” on a bag of chips. Quit being ridiculous.


Contains peanuts. 20202020


I’m not being ridiculous, I don’t give a damn about the video, I never saw it until this topic was created. I was just providing an explanation as to why the OP is claiming false advertising. So don’t be telling me to stop being ridiculous when I don’t actually care about the video.


Im not a fan of the tapjoy video, ads and in game free cash offers saying earn free cash when you play final fantasy and reach citadel lvl 10.
I did that with 2 weeks of grinding that boring game and they didnt pay, closed the case and removed the offer from my app. They said I installed the app for a different offer… sure I did, the 10 free cash for installing the game…
Why offer multiple free cash rewards for a game and then refuse to pay it. Poor effort by ludia.


I can understand the confusion/ frustration to be fair as this pops up in my ads on the phone, it does suggest you can catch these in the wild … but I take it with a pinch of salt as everything in this game lol


Legendaries do spawn in the wild - just not very often; the red/purple disc under them is very distinctive - probably only seen 3 or 4 the entire time I have been playing - hard to dart and don’t stay long. Not seen a unique.