Let's be frank

There needs to be more Group Attack abilities, namely among Resilients. Flocks are a great idea, especially in dealing with the more powerful Fierce and Cunnings, and they do have their weaknesses in DoT abilities and counter-attacks, but I don’t think that’s really enough, especially during tournaments where the access to viable Flock counters is much more severely limited. And since Rally Heal is becoming a more common ability, this can very easily allow Flocks to steamroll over teams, sometimes, but not always, even if the opponents draw the right counters.

So unless the Rally Heal aspect changes, such as it only healing to ‘top of the current bar’ as it were, I propose at least some minor changes to the following to make them better counters, among a few others.


Mammolania and Mammotherium can already dispatch flocks with relative ease. So I see no need for them to change tbh.


I’d honestly love to know how Mammolania handles Compsocaulus. Because every time I try to put Mammo against Compsocaulus, it keeps stalling out long enough to keep using Alert Scurry to heal itself.

Ludia must do something with the bands, they are far above the rest of the creatures of their rarity in tournaments, and it should not be like that.


Sadly, I think Ludia LOVE their flocks… So it’s the other way around… Next update, it seem like they are adding a delay on Roar, and they are nerfing Skoona. (yes, Mortem is not a true counter but could still do a lot of dmg if played right)

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I think mamotherium doesn’t need a buff. Heck it absolutely destroys allosino and indom which should counter it. I wouldn’t say it needs a huge nerf but a readjustment wouldn’t hurt.

But it’s not a buff. The Group Resilient Impact/Rampage is functionally the same as a normal RI and RR, and so against any non-Flock creatures it wouldn’t be any different than it was before.

The only real difference would be where Flocks are concerned, because they can’t actually stall against Resilients with Group Resilient attacks, and those Resilients would also become more Raid viable.

Just swap out when it’s on the last member. Mammolania is stall king after all.

Yes I know that mammotherium wouldn’t change when put against other non-flock creatures. However it will with flocks, meaning it’s a buff because it will be able to kill most of them at turn three.