Let's be honest for a minute


Since the update ludia have ruined this game, I’m sorry but it’s hard facts.

Yes the new look and added dinos is always exciting.

But how slow the game has become is a complete joke, not to mention that most of the time trying to enter a battle you just get stuck on a load screen or you get stuck in the battle and nothing happens.

Take note ludia, this is what happens when you rush things to try and line your pockets.

Bugs galore!!


I like the updates. The extra time loading battles could be more people playing. Some of the bugs like new hybrids unable to create might be we need to unlock and find in the wild first.

We need more info. Lucia being financially successful is a good thing for players. Essential for servers and more development.


They’ve done their job in pulling the wool over your eyes anyway mate… they’re money grabbers… that’s clear from prices they charge