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Let's be reasonable

I can’t believe that I’m attempting to say this on behalf of a corporation but please LET’S BE REASONABLE.

As the title says, this is just an attempt to stir some reasoning with one’s who are CONSTANTLY posting about things that they DON’T like about the platform.

Not to those who generally are happy and then may have an issue or two, that they’d like to address or maybe even vent, but again, to those who day in and day out have something negative to say and then a threat of, “well if this doesn’t get fixed, then I’m leaving!”. If you truly felt that way, then sans the announcements and just stop playing. It’s that simple.

To begin:

-The new update hasn’t even been out a week yet, today on this side of the globe, is Friday, 9est. The update dropped Monday.

Will the patch be bug free? No. Especially when it’s freshly dropped.

Is this phenomenon anything new? No.

The same thing happens with early model cars. After the 2nd or 3rd renditions, the flaws are usually addressed.
Same with gaming systems. Remember the infamous “red eye of death” in the first wave of xbox’s?

I don’t want to insult anyone and say use common sense, but after awhile, life teaches to expect a margin of error. No one said “ACCEPT a margin of error” but to EXPECT it. With that being said, none of what’s going on concerning bugs or issues, should be surprising.

-The nerfs & buffs


No need to “go in” on this topic in depth, but blood was called for, and blood was given, and was given generously. Now, the same ones who “wanted blood” are now back peddling and saying either “it was too much” or “the game was ruined”.

Ok, if that is the case, then give why stress ones-self out by continuing to play?

Every time one with the above issue, logs on and plays, they are accepting the conditions. Can they truly and “morally” still hold on to the right to say one thing, if their actions dictate another?

“Everyone and their mom’s” KNEW that the meta was changing. Ludia made that clear weeks, maybe months before hand; and if they failed in that aspect, then they dedicated player base MADE SURE, that they did. Especially here in the forums.

Did that mean that, individually, this would be accepted and liked. No.

As a whole? Well, the masses seem to be saying something with the time put in and definitely with their wallet$.

So what’s left? Just adapt and find new strategies. Bid your old favorites a good night, remember the yester-years fondly, and forge a new path.


Well, they are obviously NOT going anywhere. I really don’t know what to say, other then laugh when that APEX-TIERED boosted Velociraptor steps in.

-the arena

Ludia, can’t reason with you on this one. Match making… its been better, but a lot of people who have things to say have you on this one.
Then again, this is a pay 2 play platform at the end of the day, so…
no comment.

-the devs

Look, personally, I enjoy the 2.0 update. It took a lot of work, a lot of issues were actually addressed. Some weren’t, but it’s a great product. Else we wouldn’t be here. You are people too and I know that some of you are very interested I’m knowing how your “baby” is being enjoyed. I feel that a lot of us, DO enjoy the changes.

-finally, at the end of the day…

Me typing all of this, is in no way, going to stop the litany of posts that detract, but come on y’all:


It’s a pandemic.

Folk are getting sick or losing their jobs. Storms are crazy. Taxes and mortgages are now competing for what little is left in your account. Are you going to send your kids to school or no?

Do you see my point?

Though… why’d you guys/gals at Ludia have to gut my Entelomoth like that… :disappointed_relieved:


Most of the people complaining just don’t see the big picture. I honestly don’t think they expect balance from this game. Who knows, maybe they don’t even like balance.

But whatever they think, they have a right to complain, and we have a right to ignore them.

Although a gentle reminder that the game devs are actually trying to attain blance, and they’re still in the trial-and-error stage shouldn’t hurt anyone.

It would definitely help if Ludia sent everyone an in-game message highlighting just how dynamic the game’s state is right now. Not everyone reads the Ts and Cs. Then everyone who couldn’t accept that would just up and leave instead of unproductively venting on the forums.


Would have been nice if there was a public test server (kind of like how StarCraft 2 does before it implements changes), then based on feedback, there would be adjustments done to the final patch before public release. Though it would cost money even if these PTS would only be running for about a week before the month that would release the update.

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I know I’ve been one to post a lot of suggestions lately, but not for the reasons you’ve listed here. I mean, I had to completely change my team during the update. The change to ferocious strike on Tryostronix ruined how you play one of my favorite dinos. But I don’t really care about those things, and haven’t posted about them. I was actually excited to try some new dinos on my team, and have overall really enjoyed that experience.

The reason I post is that I love everything they tried to do in the update, but so many things were executed poorly. I can 100% get behind adding raids, doing massive creature reworks, bringing the game closer to a “rock-paper-scissors” meta, nerfing some of the dominant cunning creatures, and completely revamping the UI. But all of these things came out flawed. The difficulty in grouping up for and even having a chance to win raids. Moveset changes that seemingly do nothing for the creature they were given to. The utter dominance of resilients, and the subsequent annihilation of dodging and cunning creatures overall. The cluttered battle UI that makes battles last twice as long as they need to. This is frustrating for me not because it ruined the game, but because they were so close to doing something amazing, but they missed the mark. If I truly hated the game after the update, I would have just quit. The game is good, but I want it to be great. And if anything, screaming into the void here makes me feel like maybe it will help, even though I know it probably won’t.

That said, you are absolutely right about the bigger picture here. The world is pretty terrible right now, and complaining about a tiny dinosaur game won’t help against that. Society as a whole should be dealing with these issues, because in the end those are all that matter. But in the meantime, I don’t see anything wrong with trying to facilitate meaningless thought experiments with actual human beings over the internet. It couldn’t me more pointless, but at least it’s a connection to the outside world for me.

The only thing I have any real issue with is how hard they nerfed Procerathomimus, but I’ve given my thoughts on the matter plenty of times. I don’t have any issue with the fact she was nerfed, mostly the speed drop. But aside from that, I don’t have any real, major issues. As a whole, I really like the update. I’m just a bit biased when it comes to my Christmas Ostrich. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: