Lets bring some JWA to real life, huh?! (merchandise)


Hi, not sure how it could fit a licensing things (re: big/whole Jurassic world product), but I think it would be great to have an ability to buy common branded merchandise: cups, T-shirts, headwear, stickers, dynos miniatures and so on.

Moreover it could go more further: what about real life/field game with toy dart guns? Same idea as laser tag game.

It could be splitted into two phases:

  1. Two teams running fields and collect some DNA from dynos (what could be other team players but without knowledge who is who - like in the game where everyone put paper sign on theirs heads).

  2. Arena battle in special app what provides same arena experience as in JWA game but the dynos team supposed to be formed only with DNAs collected at phase 1. Battle could be casted to some widescreen (TV/projector).

What do you think? :thinking:


Hi David, thanks for sharing your thoughts :+1:

Talking about the game mechanic - for me it is same as laser tag / paintball - so no drones involved at all. The difference is what nobody “kill” nobody - if you hit a target, you get some DNA.


How about drones flown by one team, trying to ‘tag’ the players on the other?

The drones have special laser tag guns that target a sensor on the “runners”.

Marketable? Possibly. Expensive when it hits toy stores? Definitely.


Not sure if we should call Boston dynamics or Sarah Connor? :thinking: