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Let's collect all the requests

Hi friends,
Let’s collect all the requests. What do you want to add, remove and change?
For me:

To be add:

  • Alliance tool
  • Aquatic dinasaurs
  • At least one tyrant flyer
  • Periodic free boost rollback opportunity
  • Alliance chat and request separation

To be removed:

  • All the bugs
  • “You are going too fast” popup
  • VIP popup
  • Dna resource cap

To be changed:

  • Boost cost (could be 50, or less)
  • Supply drop spin duration (could be reduced)

Please add yours and +1 for the ones that you agree.

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Add: alliance tools, a way to play from home when you can’t leave for some reason (this would help disabled/homebound/sick players or those who need to stay home to watch the kids, etc.), bonuses for distance walked/biked while playing normally.

Remove: Tapjoy notifications, Owen popping up once I reach 9 mph on my bike (allow us to check a “Do not show this again” box so Owen doesn’t pop up 55 times a play session), VIP pop-up (once again, allow us to check a box to keep the pop-up from coming back), and ALL the bugs!

  1. Fix sanctuaries
  2. Fix chat
  3. Adjust some dino stats/moves
  4. Give menu option to leave screen on
  5. Fix friendlies

It would feel like a brand new game with just those 5.


Pterasaurs in sanctuaries
Aquatics (at least mosasaur)
Woolly Mammoth (and a mammoth-looking hybrid)




I recently started putting a lot of effort into organizing sanctuaries and with the boost change they are not leveling the same. I would like to see more interaction items from drops or an alternate way to get them. Yes, alliance tools would be great too, but I stopped waiting for those long ago. It’s been a year.

  1. Increase the max. number of darts we can keep (140 is not enough)
  2. A fairer way of handling speed ties.
  3. At least one Unique ceratopsian and one Unique stegosaur (or a rework on Stegod)
  4. Removing cleanse feature from Cautious Strike as Mutual Fury can also cleanse
  5. Making Priority moves act before swap in attacks
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I’d like to second the Tyrant flyer, for sure. It would be nice to have a flyer who doesn’t get one-shot killed by at least 85% of potential opponents. And free rollbacks have much greater potential impact on how they are used, while making rollbacks free for limited periods of time would keep their impact on the arena from getting too chaotic. You would have to commit to how you were using them, but only for the short term if it didn’t work out the way you’d hoped.

The chat/ request separation is such a no-brainer. It should not be so challenging to create a chat function that isn’t a total mess, but since it is a challenge for Ludia (one beyond their ability at the moment, apparently) then isolating just the chat function by itself should at least make it easier to make it less of a mess.

Again, SECONDED. The first one is pointless and annoying (half the time I’m not even moving, making the lie I have to tell about being a passenger even less of an effective “deterrent”) and the second one? if I’ve said NO to a free trial dozens of times already, the accept that I AM JUST NOT INTERESTED, BACK OFF.


While that is probably dropping the cost too low, I do agree that the 4 tiers of fusing costs are too uneven, especially considering how costly those fuses are already in terms of DNA. 20, 100, 200, 1000? You could still have “pacing” without such huge, uneven gaps between the levels. (Perhaps 20, 50, 100, 300? or 10, 25, 60, 150?)

Fusing shouldn’t be free, as there are too many ways to accumulate coins and we need to have meaningful ways ot spend them, plus we don’t want the game to be too easy or there is no challenge. But one single fuse for a Unique should not cost the same as 50 rare fuses.


*Have a deeper insider’s look at these dinos and change them or give some dinos some real utilities to counter them more surely.

*Fix park scents

*Add birds to sanctuaries. Change the goat to a man who looks like Billy from Jp3 just for birds.

*Alliance tools

Let’s not forget about a full migration which would include a slight modification to zone 1. :t_rex::crocodile::sauropod:


Will this survey result in a poll where players can vote for the most urgent fixes/changes?

+1 to all those ideas, though I think the supply drop spin is fine, they did speed it up. Don’t think the VIP ad is frequent enough to be annoying either. Really hate Owen, he pops up constantly and will freeze the game if you do something else as he appears (such as click an epic dinosaur…). Please please please add a separate tournament loadout. Would be great if the bugs were fixed.

The “you’re going to fast” is there for legal reasons. If you remember when Pokemon Go came out, they didn’t have that and people were sueing and blaming Niantic because they were doing stupid things like playing it whilst driving and some places were taking these things seriously and blaming Niantic instead if the eejits not having common sense. Ludia was smart in putting it in in the first place cause now they have immunity from those kinda lawsuits


One additional request regarding darting:
Use different colours for the darting score.
Keep the colour if the dart hits the mark.
Use another colour, e.g. green, if the dart does not hit the mark.

Buying a scent should NOT replace a free spot!!

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For me, the list would be:

To Be Added:

Alliance tools.
Aquatic creatures - marine reptiles, cenozoics, prehistoric fish…etc.
Alliance chat and request seperation.
Epic DNA trading!

To Be Removed:

Owen’s too fast pop up.
Tapjoy notifications.

To Be Changed:

Less new hybrids, more new prehistorics.
Make Priority moves act before swap in attacks.
Increase the number of scents we can have.
Swap habitat zones ever 3 months so over a year we get to live in all 4 different zones.

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I realize the speed warning is there to provide the new move known as “Immunity to frivolous lawsuits”, but I really think Ludia could tone it down a notch. In PoGo the warning pop-up only appears above 20 mph, so the only way I’ll trigger it on my bike is by riding downhill. In JWA it appears at 9 mph! That’s just plain unreasonable! Motorists travel much faster than that, and a runner could exceed 9 mph easily. Also, Owen doesn’t need to pop up after EVERY darting! That’s excessive and unnecessary. If PoGo can avoid legal troubles with a more reasonable speed warning than there’s no reason JWA couldn’t do the same, IMHO.

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Changed: complete change up of the spawns, the last couple “migrations” were a joke.