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Let's complain about Draco again

They managed to screw up so bad that even the rat is way less commented than before. I already miss those days when it was the main problem in the arenas besides matchmaking…

So, just to not let it slide, we know that Draco was actually unable to swap for three turns instead of two after the SIA. So there were many moments when the player had to choose between attacking or escaping. Well, this has been fixed recently and now, if the rat is not one shot. it can use stun, rampage and then swap. So, not only they didn’t nerf it, but actually made it better (even if just by making it how it was supposed to work)

The fact that no one is screaming their lungs out about this is proof that things are really, really bad!


Hey there, @Arnold, that definitely doesn’t sound like intended behavior. Can you write to our support team at with a detailed turn by turn overview of how the battle took place? That would definitely help us look into this!

Checkout the RAT I faced today, busted me 2x dinos easy.


It’s not a bug John, it’s actually working how it was always supposed to be, NOW. It was wrong before, and many players have pointed this out in the past. Before one of these latest updates, Draco was still stuck on third turn.

For example, imagine you enter with SIA and take an opponent out… Then comes a Thor.
turn 1: Thor uses DSI but doesn’t crit. Then Drac is alive and uses the stun.
turn 2: Thor is stunned. Draco hits it with Rampage.
turn 3: NOW Draco can be swapped, just like the SIA description says… but BEFORE, it was still stuck on turn 3 if it didn’t use Regen.

So, no problem here. Just even more annoying :slightly_smiling_face:


When I see a boosted Draco and having no creatures being able to 1 shot it or pin-lock it. I just accept my lost. That game is decided right at the moment all the creatures were picked. It is just devastating.

Edited : and yea back to topic, we are overwhelmed by all other messes to the point that no one even bother to complain about Draco anymore…


Hear, hear! I’m not silent on this - I try to weave-in Draco hate to at least half my posts, just to browbeat everyone with the fact that this vile, wretched little parasite is an affront to fair gameplay.

I hate, hate, hate Draco, with the heat of a thousand suns.

One of the most frustrating elements in this game is when you lose matches because of connection issues, or when your opponent loses connection/takes a call, and you have to play-out the match as if they’re coming back that round. I have a ton of sympathy for opponents in these situations, and I wish there were some way to cancel the entire match, because it isn’t fair play to win when your opponent is absent. HOWEVER, one of the most satisfying elements of the game is when the opponent loses connection, and the system auto-selects Draco as their next dino, so you get to dispatch that stupid little puke and post an L to the opponent. My sympathy is gone the moment Draco waddles out.


Lol, I use it, but wouldn’t mind a nerf at all. This two-turn thing makes a hell of a difference… Earlier today I sent Draco for a kill, then it resisted the next opponent’s attack (Indo’s cleansing), so I stunned and attacked… That’s when it usually dies, cause it can’t resist Indo’s DSR… but now I could bring it back to swap again later. I’ve been winning more than usual thanks to situations like that.

I rarely used Draco more than once in a battle, 'cause I prefer to deal damage than to regenerate… but now that it’s free to swap without healing, well, I say “why not…”

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Me too , so much so that I never used it until this week .
And since adding it I’ve moved up 300 trophies despite the matchmaking debacle at 4300 + .
I wish I didn’t have to use it , but as the saying goes , if you can’t beat them join them .


I still refuse to ever use Draco. Even sliding from 5,150 to 4,3xx in 1.7, I refused to use it. Made back around 400 points, but I still flatly refuse to use Draco to make up the remainder. I also won’t to donate DG2 in the alliance; far from being petty, if there were a button to donate T-Rex instead of Draco, I’d do THAT over spreading such a vile disease as Draco. And I will donate rare DNA to people who request rares as well as DG2, but not that thing.


One of the main reasons I started using Draco was to have one more way to kill Dracos. At the time I only had Utasino that could one shot them. That wasn’t enough.

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Here is one I faced this morning and the non-strategy used.

10 SIA kills my dino
20 I bring in another victim
30 DC uses regen and swaps out
40 New opponent dino hits my dino once
50 goto 10

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That’s… admittedly painful, but that at least falls in line with its expected behavior since it cleanses the Bound effect. :frowning:

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I think I let a complaint about it go off daily lol. Might as well turn its card to green. Its a unique in legenday clothing. That’s very very easy to obtain its dna.

Cheap shot is literally why I boost Thora. Even so, if Thor doesn’t crit its a rinse and repeat cycle that has single handedly screwed up arena before the boosts. Now they have boosts to go with it too.

Wish I didn’t create it, I still don’t use it either. Just sits there wish I could de-level get my coins back or sell it for coins.

At least I can donate its dna, which I have mountains of.

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But boosted monsters are breaking the arena now… there are things way worse than Draco… never before I’ve seen so many 3-0 wins and losses in this game…


Shouldn’t you get at least one small damage hit in at 30 between the regen and the swap out? let’s not leave out any steps here.

An evenly boosted erlidom still leaves DC with 1 hp because of bad rounding after the update

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make rounding great(right) again.

can we complain about people complaining about Draco again? That could take our minds off boosts and trophies too.

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If we get all our boosts reset, my DC is getting them all. Lol

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Then ludia nerf it in 1.8 so that people have to buy more boosts to boost other dinos. lol

LOL, barely! My Thor wasn’t on the RNG team or I might have been able to kill it after the second swap-in.