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Let's complain about Draco again

On a serious note, is it just because you can’t see it coming with DC that people think it’s a chump move? I mean, there are equally, if not more so, dinos out there that are completely strategy-less, but they seem ok…


I agree. Especially now with boosts, as I said… In my opinion, all of those in metahub’s tyrant tier are ridiculously OP. But I guess what makes people rage more against DC is because of how easy it is to make and level up.

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Very easy for me to get its dna it could be the highest on my team in 2 months, and been playing for a year. I passed on about 10k draco dna this week alone and I max my alliance out with its requests. And I’m still sitting on 10k dna of it.

I still lost the battle above… think I need more boosts to cope with Draco I guess while DC is around Thor needs them all xd

That was only a lvl 23. I see a lot of level 25-26 of these things. Much higher than both team averages.

They should put this guy up to fight Godzilla


DC doesn’t bother me at all :woman_shrugging:

I quit during 1.6 BECAUSE of Draco-ratta. Imagine my joy when I came back for 1.7 to discover Boosted Dracos everywhere. I think the bigger game-breaking issue (of Boosts) has eclipsed the imbalance of this particular offender. I’m past caring JWAs garn down the pan.

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My Draco is at level 25 and I swear I haven’t made any effort for that… I just play normally, keep gathering DG2 dna here and there (I live in L2)… And when I see it has enough for a level up, I start fusing… Just requested it two or three times in the alliance, when there was still a few to go… If I really went on a hunt and requested dna more frequently, it could probably be at least level 27 by now…

Yeah its the easiest legendary unique tyrant dino to get in the game. I just played 4 matches in arena. Losing 3/4 all of them had DC level 24+ with boosts. I hate dumping all my boosts into Thor. But in the current state of this arena. That’s the only thing that makes sense if you don’t use draco.

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I love how everyone says it’s so easy to get, yet I see 10 L30 Thors for every 1 L30 DC…

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Tarbo isn’t that easy to get though, especially now with the daily commons ruining nights. I could go get 4k dna of draco a day very easily. You don’t see many 30’s because it has a huge nerf target on its back. Thor does too, but Thor will still be useful because it is a unique. If Draco gets the type of nerf it might, it won’t be spammed as much.

DC Lvl 26-27 with high boosts should do the trick. Just swap in, stun, regen, and swap it back in. That’s two dinos down before you finally kill DC(without boosted Thor). Now they bring there other boosted real unique out to wipe you up. At least Thor is quick and painless and you have to crit. With a DC you have to sit and play through… knowing you’re already done for, for 3 minutes. Just waiting for that next swap in, its definitely coming…yep finally there it is.

That said I would really like it if DC could only swap one time. That’s enough to kill a dino still. That should be it imo. Not spamming swap.

Ran into a very cheap one just now that knocked me back to Lockdown. Along with its equally annoying and cheaply used partner Paramoloch.

Lol get used to them for now there used in every arena, Sorna and up for sure. Basically everyone has one on there team, even some new players could get it. If they work at it.

Either have to use it too, or get a boosted Thor. Or hecc why not both… I refuse to use it because of its spammy nature. But you might not want to follow my tracks. Since you will basically see it on every team from here on. Very few between.

Well if there were more Tarbos in the wild, I would be able to get Thor. Right now I am basically battling with my pants down, cigar in mouth, and a blindfold over my eyes.

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Tarbo comes out at nightfall! My favorite time to hunt. There was a a little bit of a decrease since common daily spawns. But go out at night if you can, get as much Tarbo as possible… and get Thor. Its literally one of the only dinos to take dractops out. If you have boosts might wanna save a few for Thor too.

I literally just played 10 matches including the last 4 I mentioned. All boosted Dracos, then also have a unique like Thor or high indo/erlidom. It gets extremely tough up here without a Draco, but somehow I manage… oh because of boosted Thor. Sometimes Utahsino but not as much. I actually feel skilled though. I don’t depend on my Thor I just need it for Dracotops.

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I’m playing totally Dracoratta free, I’ve levelled one up to L20 but have never played it. I’d just feel dirty having it in my team - I generally won’t play with imballanced creatures I don’t agree with. That’s just my personal preference.


Hi Kitalon! Hey I know that name xD

I’m the same way here. I made a point how easy it was to do Dracotops. I leveled to 21 in 1 month with hardly any work. And I have thousands of both components lol. So easy no work required for a tyrant…

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Sadly this creature is the single biggest unadmitted gross-miscalculation in JWA since monomimusgate. Well the move it has is, there should never have been a ‘swap-in defence-shattering rampage’ move added this game never needed it. Never has a move been so abused and caused so much grief and frustration in competative battling. It’s cheap and nasty, unpredictable and mostly indefensible and has contributed to ruining the meta in JWA. Ahh, nice to get that off my chest.


The reason the complaints have dropped slightly is because everyone gave in. And have added Draco to there team. So everyone is using it now 9/10 times you will face a Draco the other 1 time is just because it isn’t in the random line up, but its still on there team.

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