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Let's complain about Draco again

I agree with the OP we should not give in/forget/give up on giving them feedback on how they can improve the game.

I think it was mentioned earlier that a good way to ‘begin’ balancing Dracoceratops would be to change Swap-in DSR to simply Swap-in Rampage. Then those Draco players out there will actually have to ‘think’ instead of just ‘remembering a number’ for a guaranteed KO. That would bring a bit of strategy back into play. :wink:

I heard that Draco’s kit wasn’t like this before. It didn’t have SIDSR when it was first released and it was changed afterwards. Does anyone remember its old kits ?

Swap-in-stun 66%

Delay 1 turn on stun-attack.

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I used to hate the Draco when I used to battle as I lost a fair amount of trophies and most opponents were swapping it in, regenerating as it removed the lockdown, swapped out to bring in again. But it definitely levelled the playing field when I got my own. I don’t always use it as I prefer others over the rat, but I’ll use it if I need to :grin:

Swap-in stun (66%)
Minimal speed-up strike
Cleansing Impact
Stunning Rampage? I think?

Edit: oh, it was stunning strike

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Remy banged it

What if DC had a swap-in rending move instead, like rending takedown for example ? Damage boosts wouldn’t affect it’s SI damage, it wouldn’t be able to one-shot anything, and it would actually gain an advantage against tougher opponents. All that without compromising on the defense-shattering part, or changing the counters. Even critical hits (since crit boosts might soon be a thing) would be more manageable.

Your question popped into my head this morning and I describe it like this (I just posted elsewhere, too, so I’ll quote myself):

Think of it like this: you know those street fights, where two people square-up, and before or during the fight, one of the opponents’ scummy little friends swoops-in and sucker punches one of the opponents? That’s Dracoceratops. And losing 35+ points in a match with Draco is like that scummy little friend telling the whole neighborhood that he beat-up the opponent.

JWA is just a game, and while games have set, known parameters (including RNG) that bend and suspend life’s rules, there are some fair fight principles that supersede everything. Dracoceratops violates those fair fight principles.

Scummy little rat.

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i much better liked when they were shoving the indoraptor up everyone’s throat as the fastest unique to get for everyone - strong dino that looks amazing and its perfect for a first unique in a lineup. Why did they ever have to do that with Dracoceratops?

Ive been pretty happy with my predictions when a DC should come out and when possible i have set steps in motion to counter, but now with these boosts, when it single shots Erli before cloak, or just overall hits you for 4K its plain ugly. Furthermore, when boosted only a handful of dinos can kill it in one shot and they all need to crit, which is 40% at best. Usually 20% or lower. Thats not top of actually having to have such a dino in the lineup still alive.

Draco has been OP for so long. and while i never really whined about it before, i felt i just needed to throw in one more opinion against it.

With the “fix” of his lock period, it has become a bigger-than-usual pain in the bottom.

For reference, i play 5k rating range. Since the boosts its been maybe 25% winrate vs draco lineup, while it used to be more like 70% winrate before that.

As I always say, I prefer being killed by Draco any day than face Indos dodging everything… I remember the days when I didn’t have ways to deal with Indo… it was the most stressful time I had in this game… Had to level up a Tany and put it on my team only because of that thing, like many did…

Yeah but hey there’s proper solutions for indo. I’m sure someone who brings out Indo hates to meet Monosteg. The only proper solution for Draco is boosted chompers specifically Thor. Which in return is bringing more complaints heh.

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That’s when your “proper solution” is selected to your team… Today I have four dinos that do well against Indo and STILL his dodges find their way to screw everything for me… For Draco, Thor doesn’t have to be boosted if it crits. And we also have Utasino and Erlido, but yes, we should have more ways to deal with the rat… that’s the main problem about it… But as I said a long time ago, I win against Dracos more than I lose, and that’s still true… And I don’t even use Thor.

Unless of course, it’s a ridiculously boosted Draco at a ridiculous high level… but then again, that can happen with any creature of the Tyrant tier and even some Apex…

Yeah there isn’t really a solution to RNG heh. I just use Monosteg on the Indo. Wins 8/10 times. Have to plan out that cleanse move too. It can be rough. Worst time is when its Indo vs Indo and one dodges twice and yours doesn’t dodge once lol. Complete rng mode. But its always been a part of it.

I’m winning more on Dracos also (Thor Tenrex Utahsino) but the fact that nearly every match has one is annoying. Utahsino is lucky to kill it before it gets away with 100 health and guarantees the player another killshot. And the players some of them have boosted it heavily. Swaps in and hits for 3-4k this is ridiculous. I would really like it if the swap in move was more practical… swap in stun. Swap in slow, no dino should have swap in guaranteed kill imo.

Anyways Indo is the reason Monosteg will never leave my team lol.

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Every time I think of Monostego I get mad at Ludia, 'cause I spent all my Monolofo dna on Monomimus… may it rest in peace… If I could have a Monostego at team level I would surely do it.

Yeah, the boosts are a huge problem… it makes OP things even worse, so of course players would do that with Draco… In my language we have a saying that I don’t know if it exists in English… it’s basically: “That’s why God doesn’t give wings to snakes”… Well, it’s exactly what Ludia did with those boosts… Snakes are flying out there, super boosted Thors, Dracos, Magnas, combined with lower level useful dinos with no boosts, like Puru and IndoRex just to lower their “team level” and they can face weaker opoonents…

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I didn’t think about sneaking some lower levels to lower the avg of our team for match making lol.

I made some kind of fun pics for this. Its not serious I was just messing around here earlier.


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Nice, lol

Yes, there are players doing that. I’m at 5k trophies with team level 24 and 25 and sometimes I face opponents starting with a level 21 or even 20… then I say “ow ssshhoot”… 'cause I know there’s a boosted high level freak in that team.

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Draco insert hilarious meme here before being flagged because it’s Stiffeno posting it

Ooo. I actually like that idea of a swap in rend. Then the use of DC does actually require skill and consideration of the opponent’s health.

Much better than bringing out Utasino or Erlidom to then be instakilled by SIDSR

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It think you’re not commited enough to your cause. You should totally start tracking Draco users IRL to do Draco-prevention talks with them.

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Created an account here specifically to post in this thread.

Boosts interact with certain dinosaurs too well. Boosting Draco attack means it can one shot several full health uniques like Dilocheirus and Erlidominus, even when these dinosaurs have themselves received health boosts. The swap in means it comes before any cloaks and distracts, and you don’t know it’s coming so can’t counter. It’s too powerful. Boosting it’s health means traditional counters need to crit to kill it, allowing it to switch out for another incoming 3.7k hit.

Swap in defence shattering rampage needs removing. Several people have suggesting a swap in rend. That’s a great compromise. It can still take a hefty chunk off high health targets without being able to one shot anything.